Knitting progress… continued


My socks are finished.   The pattern is Ringwood Socks.  It’s a great pattern, and very simple to knit/remember,  for variegated yarn although this yarn, Mrs. Crosby Train Case, the color is Toucan, knits up more as what I would call a speckly yarn since it has just little bits of color and not longer lengths like what I think of as a truly variegated yarn.

Bit the colors in it are so lovely.


My blocking shawl is nearly dry and now to finish off the edging on my cowl.  Lots of projects going into the “finished” pile this weekend.


Knitting Progress – 4-22-17

I thought I might actually get three projects off the needles last night but…. I fell asleep much earlier than normal.  Dang – that cut into my knitting time.

But… I did finish this cute little baby sweater.


The sweater is for a babe whose parents are bee keepers and since I’m doing the ESK yarnathon and am in the Gumblebees (which look like bees) group, one of the badges to earn is to make something with your team mascot on it.  So, on the back side of the sweater, a bee has landed


This was my first try at duplicate stitch, and it could use a bit of work but it turned out okay.


I also finally got my KISS Shawl Joyful soaked and it is not on the blocking mats.


Definitely a blurry shot – the sun coming in at the opposite side of the room was messing with the camera.  The photo is a bit of an optical illusion from the angle where I took the photo but I did block this one a bit longer than the original pattern size since this yarn really got stretchy when it was wet.

This is pinned out to block at 23″ x 82″ which should be a very nice size to wrap up in next fall/winter.


I love the way the different colors /stitch pattern looks along the top edge.


The other two projects that are oh so close to being completed are my current socks on the needles (another ESK badge project) — I only have about 10 rows left before I can kitchner up the toe, and my Helical Stripes cowl – which has been a fun knit – I only have the top border to do and bind off  – so another dozen rows I think.


Sadly, I noticed when washing all the hand knit socks last weekend, that my favorite pair

socksand not the first, but a pair I made not long after my first pair ever, is starting to wear thin on the ball of the foot.  But they have been worn so much and have stood up more years than I would have expected – and way longer than any store bought sock would have.  After wearing hand knit socks, I could never go back to the uncomfortable store bought ones – just last month I finally cleaned out the drawer and got rid of all the non-hand knit socks that I haven’t worn in years.  The fact that I never wear shoes in the house so I’m walking across carpet probably didn’t help with the “wearing out” factor.  But in the meantime, they’ve got a few more wears left in them.