On the Needles – 4-14-17


I started a new cowl last night – it will go well with my spring jacket for those blustery spring days – which hopefully will arrive sometime soon.  The white yarn has speckles like confetti angelfood cake and the other is a minim mocha long color change yarn.  The pattern is Helical Stripes and is a great pattern to learn how to make stripes in the round without the usual jog that occurs when you get to the end of a round – super easy and fun to see the different colored stripes form.  Very Eastery looking colors.

When I went searching for the yarn last night I discovered there had been yet another leak in the sewing room closet from the apartment above.  Luckily only some cotton yarn soaked up a bit of the water so I squished it dry with a towel and left the fan on it and the closet carpet overnight.  The maintenance man was able to find the problem (new maintenance guy  – the old one told me lots of reasons he thought there were leaks but none of them really sounded plausible).    Could have been much more of a mess like the last time tho – thank goodness it was not.   And when the maintenance man came back to pick up the big fan and check on things he brought a very pretty new light to install in my kitchen as a bonus. 🙂  There was just a one bulb fixture in the ceiling – within 15 minutes a new larger 3 bulb installed and it is so nice to have that bright light there.


Spent a good part of the day putting the closet back in order after everything was dry while this lovely quiche was baking – bacon, mushroom and asparagus.  I would rather have had swiss cheese in it but forgot to buy some so cheddar it is.  Looks like it turned out very good – and will be good with some of that fresh pineapple along side.

After I got the sewing room back in order – I was able to put up the rest of the blocks I had finished sewing yesterday (before discovering the water problem).



Still more to make but I need to cut some more pieces.  I also need to fix that one rogue block at the bottom there – need to rip off one section and flip it around.


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  1. Looks like a yummy meal! I love putting my quilt blocks up on the design wall too. Helps me to see what I’ve got going so much clearer. Sorry you found the boo-boo but better now than after the quilt is all put together!

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