Something new on the design wall


My piles of pieces went from the stacks above to


Belle Wave blocks on the design wall – 22 blocks to be exact.  There are five rectangles in each block – three rectangles with a like background rectangle at one end and two rectangles that get half background pieces at each end.  My background batik blends into the design wall fabric but there really is background fabric.  I need to cut more rectangles and background squares but since I changed to this quilt pattern I should be able to make every piece that is not a background piece out of a different batik like a charm quilt – especially since now I can use some of the batik layer cakes since I only need one rectangle from each – not multiples like my original quilt plan.

Of course now that I’m only using one rectangle of each set I had previously cut, I think I’ve got plenty of rectangles precut for several quilts now.

Let’s see – only 26 more blocks to make and then I’ll see where I’m at on size and can start moving blocks around to get them were I want them.  Right now they are just on the design wall in no particular order just to keep track of them.  The photo was taken after dark in my sewing room so the colors are not nearly as vivid in the photo as in real life – there are some real eye-popping color combinations.