A bit of sewing and a bit of knitting..

Yesterday it was a lovely day here – sunny for the most part and warmer than it had been – so I actually got to crack open the door and sewing room window and let some fresh air in.  It was a nice change.

I may actually get around to doing the Spring cleaning I need to do – closets need cleaning out, dusty cob webs vacuumed from the corners of the ceiling – you know, fun stuff like that. Since I’ve taken the week off, it seems a fine time to do it.  Or, you know me, I may just knit and sewing and do a bit of weaving and ignore that stuff.

The groceries were delivered yesterday so I’m planning some baking and cooking — since weeknights I’ve been a bit lax in the cooking department – just grabbing something I can make quickly or heat up.  I’ve been so hungry for asparagus quiche and the price of asparagus has finally come down to a price I will pay for it so that’s on my list of things to make.

In the meantime, yesterday I sewed.   Not on either of the two projects that are top of my list to get finished/started, but a totally different one.  As I was piling up some charm packs to put away in the sewing room another piece of fabric I had recently received was sitting there and it went so well with the charm packs in my hand.


The white background with the leaves and snail are my background fabric.  I just love that print with all the springy colors in it.

I haven’t decided where I’ll go from here – I need to see how much background I have let but I think this will get turned into a baby blanket and I’ll just add to the top and bottom.


In the meantime I change my mind yet again on the wedding quilt I need to get started on.  I was not looking forward to cutting and marking and sewing a gazillion stitch and flip corners on all the rectangles I had cut – boring.  But then I remembered a pattern I had seen on Craftsy for the Belle Wave Lap Quilt.  I of course will be making it much larger but the rectangles I cut – although larger – will work just fine and no flip and stitch corners.  Since I only cut four rectangles of each batik fabric, I plan to just mix them all up rather than making individual blocks of 5 rectangles like the pattern calls for.  It will just be a riot of color across my quilt.

I’ll save the “bit of knitting” and my  finishes for later – I need to get busy around here. 🙂


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