March 25, 2017

This have been really busy and I can’t believe March is winding it’s way to a close.  Stayed up very late knitting (and then ripping back what I had been knitting on because I screwed it up) and have been rather lazy all morning puttering with a few things.  Plus it’s a rainy dreary gray cold day so one of those days that just seem perfect for getting comfy and knitting and watching movies all day or sewing and watching movies all day (notice I didn’t mention cleaning, laundry, etc.).  But some cleaning is in order (while I try to decide whether I want to knit or sew and what project I want to work on).

The DaVinci Cowl KAL starts April 1  and I’m trying to decide which of these two yarns I want to use.


The yarn is Into The Whirled and the color is called Martini & Rossi and when it’s caked it looks like this


The other yarn I’m considering is the same kind but the color is Fierce & Flawless. 20170323_3 I forgot to take a photo of it spread out before I wound it.


The yellow is a bit bright in this one but the various shades of purples and rosey reds are very pretty.  I’m leaning towards this one — dreary day means knitting with bright springy colors is more fun.

I also made some progress on the baby sweater I was working on.


And then there’s the KISS Shawl Joyful   I’m working on – the original is done in one accent color and an ombre yarn but I wasn’t finding an ombre I liked so decided to just do the various sections in different colored yarns.   With all my other projects on smallish size needles, this one moves along fairly quickly since it’s aran yarn and larger needles.


With all these projects on the needles, along with a couple more, it’s easy to find one to work on depending on what I’m doing  (wanting to have to follow pattern instructions line for line or no-mind easy knitting to take along on the bus ride etc).




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  1. All your yarns are pretty and very colorful this week. The Martini and Rossi one looks Christmasy when it’s in the caked form. Interesting. Love your Easter birds in the header. Cute.

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