Nearly a Sock

I showed you the ball of yarn I had wound for these socks last Sunday and I have been plugging along on the first sock (and another project) since then.


I’m just about ready to start on the toe.  It’s always at this point I look at the remaining cake of yarn and think — is there really enough left for another whole sock?  There usually is but of course I never bother to weigh the cake of yarn when I start so I know for sure.  Time will tell.

And darn I just remembered I was going to think about layering a quilt this weekend – which is fast approaching and I haven’t gotten any batting yet?  Amazon to the rescue — I will have to see what they’ve got.

I also worked a bit on this herringbone stitch cowl – which I also showed you the cake of yarn in in my previous post (see I really have been knitting the past couple days).  This photo is right after I ripped it off the needles.


The stitch shows the various shades in this bright pink yarn off so well but I need to try a larger needle size (for herringbone stitch you use several needle sizes above the suggested needle size for the yarn) and I need to find less pointy needles.  This is single ply yarn so my pointy needles keep catching the threads of other stitches as I’m working a row which is slowing things down.


2 comments on “Nearly a Sock

  1. I knit socks a lot, so I have finally figured out a formula for knowing how much there is. I have a good sized foot (nice sturdy base) and I know that it takes no more than 21 grams to knit a foot. So when you are knitting your next one you can checck the weigth of the remaining yarn and know wether to continue or cut your losses. Also if I am unsure, I leave the toes until later cause I can make different colored toes or even a stripe or two will give you enough to finish.

    • I like living on the edge… No matter how many pairs of socks I make, I always think there’s not enough yarn left and when I weigh the finished sock, compared to the yarn that’s left, there’s always enough left unless I’m using a yarn with less than 400+ yards. But I never worry to much about it because I’ll just make a toe a different yarn – they don’t have to match since they’re just my socks. Weighed this sock and yes indeed, plenty left.

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