Project Planning

The sewing room is clean and I’ve been planning my next sewing and knitting projects.  I need to get a large quilt layered and quilted.  I had thought about getting started pinbasting this afternoon but I’m out of batting.  So I need to get some so I can get that quilt pinbasted before I bury the table in a new project.

In addition to that quilt, I’ve got a wedding quilt to make so need to figure out my final block and quilt size and then start making a gazillion HSTs.  Although I just had a thought this afternoon about using one of my quilt patterns that is soon to be published instead so it’s an Aunt Denise original wedding quilt. 🙂  I’ll have to give that a bit more thought.

I also wound some yarn for some knitting projects.  I was going thru the ESK list of Badges deciding if there were any other ones I wanted to submit projects for.  I’m not going for all the Badges since there are certain projects on the list I have absolutely no interest in making.  But the next badge project I’ll work on will be making a pair of socks.  I’ve got some Mrs. Crosby Train Case yarn in the Toucan colorway (I made a cowl in this color way in the past out of heavier weight yarn – love the blue-greens, purples, etc.)  The colors are not quite so pastel in tone.


And once I decided on yarn, I went looking for a  new sock pattern to try that would work well with this yarn.  I decided on the Ringwood Socks pattern.  There are directions for both cuff down and toe up but I think I’ll stick with my preferred cuff down on these.


I also wound the yarn that was in the February Warm Woolies Club shipment.   While I generally don’t like pink – I do like this bright fuchsia shade.

20170305_3It has several different shades of the color in it so will be interesting to see how it knits up.  I’m going to make a cowl out of it – I’ve been wanting to make something with the herringbone stitch in it and I think that stitch might show off the subtle shading of the colors well so I’m just going to wing it and see what happens.

Speaking of the herringbone stitch — I had previously started this scarf

20170305_1(I see to be stuck in the purple, blue/ green color family of yarn since this is darker but same sort of colors as the sock yarn).   Anyway the scarf pattern is the Sorceress Scarf.   I love the shape of it and the tassels on the ends and it’s done using the herringbone stitch.

Here’s a close up of the stitch.

20170305_2It’s very interesting and fun to knit.  I’m actually going to rip back what I have done on this one because I want to use a larger needle so the fabric isn’t so stiff but I’ll wait on restarting this one until after a couple projects are completed.


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    • Thanks Leslie – I love the way it is looking. I just need to go up a needle size or two because it makes a very dense project and it’s a bit stiff at the moment.

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