Project Planning

The sewing room is clean and I’ve been planning my next sewing and knitting projects.  I need to get a large quilt layered and quilted.  I had thought about getting started pinbasting this afternoon but I’m out of batting.  So I need to get some so I can get that quilt pinbasted before I bury the table in a new project.

In addition to that quilt, I’ve got a wedding quilt to make so need to figure out my final block and quilt size and then start making a gazillion HSTs.  Although I just had a thought this afternoon about using one of my quilt patterns that is soon to be published instead so it’s an Aunt Denise original wedding quilt. 🙂  I’ll have to give that a bit more thought.

I also wound some yarn for some knitting projects.  I was going thru the ESK list of Badges deciding if there were any other ones I wanted to submit projects for.  I’m not going for all the Badges since there are certain projects on the list I have absolutely no interest in making.  But the next badge project I’ll work on will be making a pair of socks.  I’ve got some Mrs. Crosby Train Case yarn in the Toucan colorway (I made a cowl in this color way in the past out of heavier weight yarn – love the blue-greens, purples, etc.)  The colors are not quite so pastel in tone.


And once I decided on yarn, I went looking for a  new sock pattern to try that would work well with this yarn.  I decided on the Ringwood Socks pattern.  There are directions for both cuff down and toe up but I think I’ll stick with my preferred cuff down on these.


I also wound the yarn that was in the February Warm Woolies Club shipment.   While I generally don’t like pink – I do like this bright fuchsia shade.

20170305_3It has several different shades of the color in it so will be interesting to see how it knits up.  I’m going to make a cowl out of it – I’ve been wanting to make something with the herringbone stitch in it and I think that stitch might show off the subtle shading of the colors well so I’m just going to wing it and see what happens.

Speaking of the herringbone stitch — I had previously started this scarf

20170305_1(I see to be stuck in the purple, blue/ green color family of yarn since this is darker but same sort of colors as the sock yarn).   Anyway the scarf pattern is the Sorceress Scarf.   I love the shape of it and the tassels on the ends and it’s done using the herringbone stitch.

Here’s a close up of the stitch.

20170305_2It’s very interesting and fun to knit.  I’m actually going to rip back what I have done on this one because I want to use a larger needle so the fabric isn’t so stiff but I’ll wait on restarting this one until after a couple projects are completed.


The Taming of the Sewing Room – the running amok of the stash

Well after a bit of procrastination again this a.m. (I had to bake some bread and do a bit of laundry), it’s midafternoon and I think I just need to vacuum the sewing room and call it done.  I’ve been busy cleaning in there and have reclaimed the table and pretty much have everything put away.

In the meantime – as I was also sorting through a box of yarn leftovers (or so I thought only leftovers) I found the cowl I was looking for last night as well as another scarf to finish.  I new they were here somewhere.

As for today’s stash report – just call me hopeless.  I enjoy seeing how much yarn yardage I knit up each year and how much fabric I sew up each year — how much I add to the stash — well let’s just say at just over two months into the year, I’ve totally lost interest in adding up the tally of what has arrived at my house (or will be arriving!).

20170304_10I did add another 200 yards to the yarn knit tally with this cowl I finally finished off last night.   I started this SSC cowl for a KAL but never got it finished before that KAL ended.

But I needed a project to finish for the Cowls, Scarfs and Shawls group KAL on Ravelry so can mark one project completed.  I’m not fond of the very thick to very thin nature of this yarn but the colors I adore so I think it will be a fun accent piece – tho it is very bulky.

So a total of 7410 yards knit and no movement on the fabric front — well may be this quilt kit is coming to my  house because I’ve loved the design ever since I first saw it and have been wanting to make a project with these darker twilight garden.JPGfabrics but didn’t really want to have to start collecting them bit by bit s0 found the kit at a closing business sale and couldn’t pass it up.  A great mix of pieced blocks and a bit of applique (I love the white star flowers.  It’s all yarn dyed fabrics so will have sort of a primitive feel – far different than the batiks I’ve been playing with lately.


Oh – and this might have arrived  at my door this week too….