That darn sewing room

Well I managed to procrastinate all day and never got in the sewing room to start straightening it up.  I guess it will have to be on tomorrow’s agenda…. maybe

I did some other chores instead and then decided to clean out the big basket of yarn projects that has gotten all tangled and get them organized again.  Mostly because I was pretty sure a project I wanted to work on was in the bottom of the at basket.   Alas – not so – my search will have to continue.  I’m kind of at a loss as to where to look for it next but I know it’s here

do you remember this?


It’s the second Swing Cowl I had started after I finished my first one which I jut love and wear a lot so I wanted one in lighter colors.  Actually the design changed the name of the pattern at some point and it’s now called the Wavy Cowl.  Anyway – I think I’m a bit farther along than this photo but I started this in  February 2014 so time to get it finished.

I also pulled out the bag with my Stained Glass Cowl in it and need to figure out where I am on that.  This is the last photo of it I had taken but I think I’m a bit farther along on that as well.

20161018_4_medium.jpgSo I’ve done some project sorting and prioritizing, untangeling of yarn, packaging up of pattern and project in bags   and I just may have remembered where I put that Wavy Cowl so off to look.