That darn sewing room

Well I managed to procrastinate all day and never got in the sewing room to start straightening it up.  I guess it will have to be on tomorrow’s agenda…. maybe

I did some other chores instead and then decided to clean out the big basket of yarn projects that has gotten all tangled and get them organized again.  Mostly because I was pretty sure a project I wanted to work on was in the bottom of the at basket.   Alas – not so – my search will have to continue.  I’m kind of at a loss as to where to look for it next but I know it’s here

do you remember this?


It’s the second Swing Cowl I had started after I finished my first one which I jut love and wear a lot so I wanted one in lighter colors.  Actually the design changed the name of the pattern at some point and it’s now called the Wavy Cowl.  Anyway – I think I’m a bit farther along than this photo but I started this in  February 2014 so time to get it finished.

I also pulled out the bag with my Stained Glass Cowl in it and need to figure out where I am on that.  This is the last photo of it I had taken but I think I’m a bit farther along on that as well.

20161018_4_medium.jpgSo I’ve done some project sorting and prioritizing, untangeling of yarn, packaging up of pattern and project in bags   and I just may have remembered where I put that Wavy Cowl so off to look.




DaVinci Cowl KAL

A public service announcement for the blog readers who commented how much they liked the DaVinci Cowls – color pooled/stacked – that I had been knitting.  Now’s the time to try one yourself.  Mary-Ann Lammers, pattern designer, is having a KAL in her Ravelry group.

davinci.JPGYou can find her Ravelry group here.    I hope you’ll join in as it’s a nice group of knitters and you know I plan to participate in this KAL and make another pooling cowl –I’m totally hooked on these.

Once you join in the Rav group you’ll see in honor of the KAL – the DaVinci Cowl patterns are on sale.

The KAL starts on April 1st — so there’s plenty of time to go stash diving,  hit the LYS, let your fingers do the ordering on line, or go distract a friendly knitter and steal something from their stash when they are not looking!   There’s also information in the KAL thread on Ravelry as to what to look for in a yarn so that it will pool – or be easy to get it to pool.

There are several DaVinci Cowl patterns to choose from — if you want the basic one, I suggest the one that is simply called DaVinci Cowl.  Once you’ve got the basics of that one you can easily move on to any of the other DaVinci cowls  – I’ve made DaVinci  Spanish Steps and DaVinci Villa Borghese Park too, but I’ve made several of the basic DaVinci Cowl because it’s so fun and shows off the yarn colors so well – no muss, no fuss.

Here’s all the ones I’ve made to date along with the unwound hank that they were made with:

The top one and the pink one are Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese Park, respectively, the other three are all DaVinci Cowl.  The one with all the bright primary colors in the lower left was the most difficult because there were so few stitches to each color and so many colors separated by white.  You want a yarn that has specific color section breaks but not too many colors (at least not to start with)

These yarns that I posted yesterday are all good candidates


From top to bottom they are Wollmeise (this one happens to be DK weight), Sweet Georgia (fingering) and Blue Moon Fiber Arts in one of The Loopy Ewe’s monthly exclusive colorways (which also happens to be a DK weight because I wanted to try something heavier than fingering weight to pool).

I haven’t made a final decision yet as to which I’ll use but I’m leaning towards the one in the bottom of the photo. I hope some of you will join me in joining Mary-Ann’s KAL — oh – I forgot to mention prizes – but yes, she has prizes that will be randomly awarded.  Jump on into the pool!