On the Needles – 3-3-17

My knitting projects are not being particularly cooperative.  I pulled out a cowl I had started at some point last year

20160820_2I realized when I pulled it out to work on why I had put it away.   It’s mosaic knitting and between my gauge being unusually loose on this, the slipped stitches were being stretched too far and I wasn’t happy with it.  So, one project that hit the basket to rip out since I’m not going to like it when it’s done so no sense in continuing.  One project less on the needles.


Then there’s this pair of socks I started last weekend.  20170303_6

There are many problems here – I added a few extra stitches to the pattern and used a bit larger needle because it seemed like it would be tighter than I’d like.  Well, it will be a huge sock, but I totally dislike the yarn for socks.  I may try it at some point in the future with smaller needle sizes to see if I like it better that way but the yarn itself feels too much like string rather than yarn and doesn’t seem to have much stretchiness.  So  these socks are in the pile to rip out and I’ll go back to stash diving my ESK stash of yarn since I want to make a pair of socks for the Yarnathon badge.  It’s not that I don’t have lots of sock yarns, but I need to check to see where I bought a particular yarn so that it qualifies – some where I printed a list of my ESK purchases but I need to unbury that this weekend from some pile.

But I started a new project which I think will be successful! 🙂  My March TLE Mixer project is a scarf called “Madison” which I think is an appropriate choice since I live in Madison.  It’s a simple eyelet scarf. (and yes it looks slanted because it’s sort of a bias knit so it comes to an angled point when wearing)


These lovelies also came in the mail today.    Possibilities for a new KAL that is starting in April but enough of being on the computer for tonight – I’ll tell you about the KAL tomorrow (after the mailman comes because he may be bringing a few more possible yarns to use in the KAL to my door)  – yep, I did my part to bolster the economy but putting a bit of my tax refund back into some yarn shops. 😉



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