Stash Reports – 2-26-17

Well the knitting stash report is looking up — I was in the red last week due to recent purchases.   But I’m back in the black ! 🙂 (till next week anyway).

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  6,173

Yarn Used Y-T-D: 7,210 yards

Net: 1037  (in the black) 🙂

I added three more finished projects to the finished knits page (click the button in the sidebar of the blog)  two more hats for my ESK badges and the test knit shawl which you can find out about in my prior blog post.

As for the fabric stash — well that took a hit this week as there was an influx of these lovelies to be used and mixed with other batiks in the stash for  a wedding quilt.


But oh aren’t they gorgeous!   Only 3.5 yards in the red — not too bad — but I definitely need to clean that sewing room so I can get in there and have room to sew!

Yardage Used Y-T-D :   6.5 yards

Yardage Purchased Y-T-D:  11.0 yards

Net:   3.5 yards  (in the red)


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