KISS Rhapsody Shawl

I finally have decent photos of the test knit I was doing for Mary-Ann Lammers.  And I can finally show them to you since the pattern is available.  The 30% off sale was supposed to end today but since I’m just now telling you about the pattern,  Mary-Ann has graciously extended the sale through the end of the day February 28  – so don’t miss out on the discount for this terrific pattern!  You can find the pattern on Ravelry here.

First off – I absolutely love this shawl.


KISS Rhapsody Shawl – S1-20-17 /F 2-26-17

It is the perfect knitting group / tv watching / bus riding / take along project to pick up when you have time and put down and not have to worry about where you left off  type of project because the pattern is so easy you don’t have to pay lots of attention to it and can continue knitting while chatting with others etc.

20170226_7It’ a lovely squishy garter stitch project. Now that I think about it, my most favorite shawls I’ve made and that get the most wear are my garter stitch ones.The yarn I used – background is Shalimar Breathless -75% Merino, 15% Cashmere goat, and 10% silk – in Blueberry colorway.  It feels so lovely and is great to knit with.  The other yarn is my favorite Three Irish Girls colorway – Luau.  The Rikke hat I posted yesterday was in Luau (so now I have a hat to match my shawl)  🙂 but the hat was in DK weight, this is fingering weight.

One of the brilliant things about this shawl is the way the border edge is knitted and carried into the striped sections –no ends to weave in due to those stripes – doesn’t get any better than that.  And the stripes themselves are spaced out in sections so they have more background between the stripes as you progress across the shawl .

If you look at Mary-Ann’s shawl at the pattern link above, you will see that my embellishment for the points looks a bit different.  I haven’t been able to pick up any discs/washers in the right size when I’ve been out shopping – I need to hit an actual hardware store rather than Target or that sort of store that didn’t have them.  In the meantime tho, I used a clear shower curtain hanging loop as my temporary embellishment.


It actually works well since I can use my favorite shawl pin with it to hold the shawl in place.  I quickly crocheted around the ring to fill it with yarn and attached it to the tip of the shawl.

I’m already planning to make a second one!






7 comments on “KISS Rhapsody Shawl

  1. Denise your knitting is lovely…you always make me look good! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful test knitter and ambassador of my designs.
    You are deeply appreciated, Mary-Ann

  2. That is fabulous! I love the colors, the temporary closure and everything about it. It makes me want to stop everything and start one, but I know there is not the right yarn in my stash for anything as big and beautiful as that is. You are so fast with your projects, it blows my mind!

    • Well you should stop everything and get the pattern while it’s still on sale. I think my temporary closure may stay as permanent because I like it more and more. Now there’s got to be sock yarn in that stash of yours. 🙂 Two hanks solid, one multicolored and you’re all set to go.

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