Rikke Hat done


It didn’t take long to finish off this hat.   Even hopped outside quick to get a photo in the gray snowy light of late afternoon – but the overcast day is good to get the true colors of this yarn.  Have I said before how much I love this Luau color?  Okay yes I did earlier today and I know I have before that.  This is a slouchy hat – the original hat doe not have the brim rolled up – it’s just slouchy which is fine but on really cold days you could roll up the brim so it keeps the ears doubly warm.  And the tassel – well I just liked it.  Will have to see if it pulls down on the hat too much when worn since it’s slouchy already but for now it’s be-tasseled.


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    • I’m glad you like it but sorry no, for several reasons — (“no” is the short answer but if you keep reading you get the long answer because I’d figure I’d explain why since I actually get asked the “commission” question a lot by other people.)

      First, this particular hat is a copyrighted pattern so couldn’t even if I wanted to. Also I’ve found with knitting there are very few people willing to pay the cost of the yarn let alone my time. They don’t realize hand knit things are expensive BECAUSE they are hand knit which is time consuming and BECAUSE good wool or wool blends are expensive. There are of course exceptions to every rule – other hand knit lovers who are willing to pay the price (I have co-workers who are always happy when I bring in my “overstock” – things I’ve knit that I’m able to sell and don’t wish to keep or donate, so they can buy it). Plus I don’t find doing anything on commission (knitting or quilting) fun – I want to make what I want to make when I want to make it – not what someone else wants. Plus I don’t have enough time to do the things I want, let along something someone else would like. LOL So I just knit for me, my family or donations to the local shelter.

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