On the Needles – 2/25/17

Things have been really busy around here.  The weather has also been crazy – last week several days in the upper 60s – a very nice but very strange thing for me to get to wear my spring coat in mid February – it’s usually a bit iffy if I can wear it I April! 🙂 Yesterday, ice/rain and when I got home still raining and freezing.  Luckily, with those warm days, the sidewalks and streets were not icing over – just the trees, cars, all the edges of street signs had icicles hanging down.  And it was quite windy so the tree right outside my door in the woods were making such a racket as their icy branches crashed into each other in the wind.

This morning 18 degrees when I headed out to breakfast with a friend and at some point last night the ice had turned to snow – but not a huge amount.  As we crested a hill by my house we both said “WOW!”.  The sun had come out from behind a cloud and we were at the top of the hill looking down a boulevard lined with tons of trees — every icy twig shining in the sun so brightly it looked amazing.  And of course my camera wasn’t in my purse because it would have made such a great photo!   But I’m happy to be safely back home since the store parking lots were totally icy and fun to try to get across.

Okay – enough rambling — knitting – that’s what I started out to tell you.


This is the Rikke hat – a lovely squishy all garter hat in my favorite Three Irish Girls DK Colorway – Luau.  I’m working on the decreases at the top so will finish this today.  It also will earn me some of my ESK badges for the Yarnathon.


I showed this hat last time but went back and made a super full fluffy pompom to top it off.  How it is complete and ready to donate.  I used the leftover yarn to make another bonnet like the prior one I made.


Such a fun project to make and easy to change the size a bit – especially when using chunky yarn.  Added a tassle to this one and triple yarn chain crocheted ties.


I also made and blocked a swatch of some Handmaiden Mini Maiden yarn since I want to make a summery top out of it using Customfit but I need to figure out how much yarn I need off my swatch.  I don’t have enough in the stash but I’m able to get more of it so hopefully with alternating hanks I can get it to work since the yarn as been in my stash since 2014.  However, if I had swatched with this before, I don’t think it would have loitered I the stash this long.  It feels SOOOO GOOOD.  Soft and fluid and drapey – it will make such a wonderful summer top.

I’m also working on the Meet Me in the Middle shawl KAL project but my camera battery conked out before I got a photo of my progress so I’ll save that for later.