Stash Report 2-19-17

Well – I did show the  new yarns I got yesterday so my numbers have take a bit of a turn but that’s okay.

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  6173

Yarn Used Y-T-D: 5,570 yards

Net: 603  (in the red) 🙂

No change on the fabric since I haven’t had any quilting time.   I did have some shopping time (on line shopping) and a bunch of fqs of batiks are headed my way soon.  Another niece gets married this summer so I need to get started on a wedding quilt (and quilt her sister’s wedding quilt from the fall) – those girls are keeping me busy. 🙂

This wedding quilt will be a riot of batik colors so I needed some more variety to add into the mix of what is already in my stash.

My plan is to make a quilt similar to this – it’s called New Directions  and based on a free pattern on the Benartex website (I just drew it in EQ larger and added more arrows to get to the size I wanted)-  “New Directions”  seems an appropriate name for a wedding quilt.  It may end up with more sections – I haven’t figured out what the final measurements are/or will be yet.



8 comments on “Stash Report 2-19-17

  1. I have made New Directions as a miniature and also in the original size of HST but didn’t have as many rows – made as a wall-hanging.

  2. That’s a whole lot of HSTS!!!!!! I’m anxious to see the ‘new way’ you come up with to simplify this pattern . . . . you always do such great work!

    • I don’t recall saying anything about a “new way” to simplify it. It’s pretty simple as it is. It could be pieced not using HSTs but I will likely stick with HSTs since it’s the simplest way and since I’m using batiks the seams shouldn’t show much. If I was using directional fabrics, then I might change how I do it but why mess with a good thing if I don’t have to.

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