On and Off the Needles – 2/18/17

Since I couldn’t decide on what work in progress I wanted to work on (and they are sort of  very much a disasterous mess all tossed in a huge basket and I haven’t reorganized them yet) – what’s a knitter to do but pull out some of the new yarn she got (which will put her back in the red as to stash used and stash purchased) and made this simple hat in Chunky Malabrigo.  If I have enough left over once I finish another project in this yarn, I’ll go back and add a pom pom to this one.  This will be a donation hat going to a shelter near work and should be nice and warm in this chunky wool yarn.


I started this adorable pixie hat on my bus ride home last night and finished it in the week hours of the morning.  Chunky yarn and  a cute simple project make for a quick finish for sure!


I love this colorway called Milonga.  It took slightly less than one ball to make this hat.


The tassel was not part of the pattern but I thought that little point was just calling out for one to be swinging on the end of it.  I love the way the lower back of the head is shaped rather than a boxy shape I’ve seen on other patterns.  The ties are just crocheted chains but I tripled my yarn to make them because I liked the thicker look.  The hat is supposed to have a little dot stitch texture – which you can see looking at the original pattern done in solid yarn – but after doing the first repeat it wasn’t showing up in my highly colored yarn so I just did the main body of the hat in stockinette stitch.

I cast on a second one with the leftover hank of yarn from the green hat above  They are fun, cute, quick to knit and don’t take much chunky yarn to make — I think I need several of these on hand for future baby gifts or donations.

I previously showed this cowl that I finished earlier this week so that came off the needles since last on the needles report.


When Two Become One Cowl – S2-12-17 / F2-14-17

I cast on another one of the same pattern, a bit larger around, but after I got to the section where you start using the two colors together, I decided to rip it out.


The various shades of the main yarn were pooling and went from very dark to very light – so light that my contrast yarn was blending right in and on this particular project, I didn’t want the pooling colors.  I do love the two yarns together and think they will play much more nicely together if I put them on the loom and weave with them.  I plan to use the lightest color – in the corner of the photo (pink lemonade) – in the warp and the Candy Apple colorway for the weft.

Okay – so tomorrow’s stash report won’t be good but in addition to the two chunky yarns used above in the hats (which will also earn me some ESK badges in the Yarnathon) and some of the hats going to charity (always a good thing), here’s the other bright colorful yarns that came with them.  There are specific “candy” themed yarns since the Yarnathon is a Candyland theme.  (Yes there’s a badge for owning at least two candy themed yarns).

These are all Targhee worsted  yarns —  I have a project or two in mind for some of these.  One of the things I’m thinking about making is another pair of felted slippers – I wore through the bottom of mine and I think they would be fun in one of these bright colorways.  Top to bottom they are Fruity Forest, Cotton Candy Cove, and the final one which is not a candyland color but fun all the same is Swizzle Whizzle.  I love these big hanks – nearly 700 yards on each.