Stash report – 2/12/17

I’m back in the black with my knitting.   As a reminder this was last weeks stash numbers:

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  3473 / Yarn Used Y-T-D:  3,380 yards  / Net:  negative 93  yards.

If you saw my On the Needles report this week, you saw several finishes so despite this lovely hank of Yowza coming in this week


Here are this week’s numbers —

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  3973 / Yarn Used Y-T-D: 5,090 yards/ Net: 1117  (in the black!) 🙂

And since last week I now have  added to my completed projects – three knit cowls, one woven cowl (which I so love) and one woven table runner.

This is the cowl I finished off last night.

The hank of yarn pictured above (Miss Babs Yowza)  is next up on the loom.

My test knit is done except for a few finishing touches (which isn’t added into the yarn used tally yet).

Once again I’ve been digging through the WIP baskets and bins looking for some needles and made a whole mess of them so I need to get those straightened out and figure out what WIP I want to work on next (or what new project I might be tempted to start — perhaps I’ll start on my Find You Fade).

No change in the fabric #s – nothing sewn, nothing purchased, I need to get some quality sewing time in soon!