Off the Needles – 2/11/17

Several projects that had been sitting on the needles (and loom) got their finishing touches last night.

dscn6353This is the cowl I wove for the Miss Bab’s Ravelry group February Weave-along project.  I used Miss Babs K2 yarn so it wove up really quickly and is so soft and actually quite light-weight considering it’s a chunky yarn.

After I wove the piece, I overlapped the hem stitched edges about 2″ – just one on top of the other, and zigzagged with my sewing machine right along the hemstitching on the top side  and just straight stitched just inside where the edge on the underside ended. Then just some yarn to stitch the buttons on – there are no buttonholes – the buttons are just decorative and I think a great finishing touch.  Plus I love being able to use the big old coat buttons that Granny saved in her button tin (which was passed down to me).  And, it’s a great way to use those olds buttons since many of the old plastic (or whatever material was used) buttons are not heat resistant like today’s buttons.  Putting them on an item that needs to be ironed can result in the edges of the buttons melting from a hot iron – I learned that the hard way long ago.

While I like it over my coat opened up the full width, I absolutely love it folded in half over my favorite black blouse.  I think it will get worn this way often.


The color over the black blouse is the true color of the yarn (note in the background of that photo – today I another foggy, rainy, gray day — but it’s much warmer than it’s been so I guess I’ll settle for that).

Then this KISS Cowl came off the needles.  I just needed to finish off the edging on one end so finally did that last night.  This is one of my favorite long color change yarns but it’s also got sections where two colors are twisted together to add another transition look.


I changed the edges to ribbing from garter stitch on this one to make it fit a little snugger to the neck.

Then, I also finished off this week my Loopy Ewe February Mixer yarn project.   I love the slipped stitch design in this pattern and the cowl is so quick and easy to make.  This color is hard to photograph – the photo of the hank that I posted (scroll down two posts on the blog) is true to color the photos below are not.  Hot pink and a bit of shocking orange blending in. 🙂

dscn6366 dscn6365












The texture from this pattern may be featured in a new sweater I want to make I love it that much.  Just a little something to add some interest to a plain colored sweater.  I need to do a bit of swatching to see how it will look in my sweater yarn.  But first a few other projects to finish off.  I pulled a couple more older projects out of the baskets as part of my “Year of Finishes” project so they are at the ready if I want a switch from whatever current project I’ve got on the needles — like another KISS Cowl in blues that I should be able to get off the needles today.  Love seeing those finished projects mount up and you can see them all in one place by clicking the knitting button in the sidebar of my blog.

Now to get busy – well I have been – there’s a loaf of bread I mixed up this morning which will sit until tomorrow to make another delicious crusty loaf in the dutch oven, I was cleaning out the freezer as I was putting groceries away and found in the back a ziplock of some peanut butter cookie dough – I forgot I had put some in the freezer so once it thaws there will be some fresh baked cookies to probably take into work Monday; and I had a Cranberry Orange Brioche bread mix in the cupboard from King Arthur Flour I had forgotten about (the things I discover when cleaning out cabinets!) so that is now mixed and rising in a warm oven.  As it was kneading in the mixer, I could sell that orange flavoring and it’s chock full of cranberries so it was making me hungry but it’s going to be several hours before I can do a taste test – drat!




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  2. Lots of lovely finishes here. I’m in the process of making your no knead KA bread too. Its’ on its’ final rise. Brought a clay bread baker to try out. Maybe it will turn out as good as yours always look.

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