Sunday projects – 2/5/17

The King Arthur Flour website  No-Knead Crusty White Bread  could be my go to bread.  Despite the fact that when I stuck the batch I mixed up yesterday into the oven this  morning that I forgot to slash the top of it, it still came out delicious.  Crusty and chewy on the outside and soft on the inside and now that I’ve replaced my thermometer, I could tell what the internal temp was and this time  it was less dense and moist in the middle than last time without my thermometer and absolutely delicious.  And the recipe couldn’t be eaiser – no milk (which I don’t always have on hand since I don’t drink it); no butter or oil in the recipe – just all dry staples I have in my cupboards on a regular basis.


I need to see if there’s any cranberries here because there’s one recipe on the KAF website called No-Knead Harvest bread with cranberries, golden raisins and nuts that looks delicious.  Toasted, for breakfast, it sounds like the perfect bread.

The February Loopy Ewe Monthly Mixer project has been announced.  In honor of Valentine’s Day being in February, for yarn and/or fabric projects, you need to pick a project that incorporates hearts or the color red or pink or burgundy.

I pulled from the stash this bright red/pink/orangey yarn called Candy Love.  It was a custom dyed color for The Loopy Ewe and is a single ply with 20% cashmere so I knew I wanted to make something for around my neck where it would feel so nice and soft and warm.


I decided on Deborah’s Slip Stitch Cowl.  The lovely yarn will shine through but it has a bit of texture to keep the knitting interesting.  It’s knit on larger than normal needles for this type of yarn so it will be interesting to see how it looks but since I knit a bit loosely, I may go down a size or two.

I may also do the fabric Mixer for February and drew up a quick sketch of what I’m thinking of.  I need to see what fabrics I can find in the stash that might work – since the pattern itself incorporates a “heart,”   I can use any colors I want but will have to see what TLE fabrics I have in the stash.

heartimageI may just make a small wallhanging and do it sort of quilt as you go – stitching through batting and backing as I add each vertical fabric strip.


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  1. What kind of Dutch oven do you use? I am trying to find one that will endure 450 degrees for 45 minutes +. Thanks in advance for your info, Judy

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  2. Your ability to just ‘think up’ new designs amazes me!! I absolutely love this heart!! What a perfect way to use up all those 1″ scrap strips I’ve been saving! Do you mind if I use your pattern to do it? (lynnstck[at]

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