Talk about fast to weave…

My cowl made from Miss Bab’s K2 Peppermint Bark of off the loom the same day it was put on!  What a quick project.  It wasn’t a full length scarf so of course went quicker but I made it about 9″ wide and 41-42″ long.  I only used about half the ball of K2.

This is sort of what it will look like when finished.

20170204_7 It will be sewn into a loop and the buttons will be added just for a bit of fun, not functional.  I want to block it while a flat rectangle before sewing it together.

I have to see how much warp is left on the loom – I think I have enough to make another section using the same yarn.  My office desk trim and locker/shelf units are a very dark gray and the cubicle walls light gray and there’s red accent areas on the walls so I think just a woven square or rectangle of this yarn would look great as decoration on my  wall.