Talk about fast to weave…

My cowl made from Miss Bab’s K2 Peppermint Bark of off the loom the same day it was put on!  What a quick project.  It wasn’t a full length scarf so of course went quicker but I made it about 9″ wide and 41-42″ long.  I only used about half the ball of K2.

This is sort of what it will look like when finished.

20170204_7 It will be sewn into a loop and the buttons will be added just for a bit of fun, not functional.  I want to block it while a flat rectangle before sewing it together.

I have to see how much warp is left on the loom – I think I have enough to make another section using the same yarn.  My office desk trim and locker/shelf units are a very dark gray and the cubicle walls light gray and there’s red accent areas on the walls so I think just a woven square or rectangle of this yarn would look great as decoration on my  wall.


Warped and ready to go


I have officially begun my weave along project.  I found some Miss Babs Yowza (worsted weight) to use for the warp and K2 (chunky weight) is the weft. I think my plan to make a cowl out of it will work.  It’s super quick to weave with the K2 – especially compared to the last scarf I took off the loom which was fingering weight yarn.  The weaving also looks a bit different because the two yarns aren’t the same weight but I rather like the thinner weft going in and out.  Also I as right – it’s much easier to make sure I don’t beat down the weft too much with the thicker yarn.  So hopefully I’ll get the hang of how hard /closely I need to pack the yarn and be able to do it on thinner yarns as well.

I also managed to do a few loads of laundry, catch up on some computer stuff and mixed up another half batch of King Arthur Flour’s No Knead Crusty White Bread which is rising on the counter. Tomorrow I’ll be able to bake bread.

Also, I’m happy and thrilled to share that the four new quilt patterns that I will have published in magazines this year has increased in number to six new patterns scheduled for publication this year.  🙂  2017 is definitely off to a good start.

On the Needles – 2/4/17

I’ve got nothing too terribly exciting to show for myself this week on the needles — There’s a project nearly done using three hanks of sock yarn on the needles but it’s a test knit I can’t show until the pattern is released so drat – I can’t show you my pretty thing on the needles yet but I have been knitting and knitting.

And that’s about all I’ve been doing – knitting a bit – since that dang cold has had be exhausted all week after laying around all last weekend.  Yesterday I told a co-worker I was simply too tired to walk. LOL  But, this morning I’m feeling a bit more ambitious and do not need to have a Kleenex box permanently attached to me at all times.

Not on the Needles but in a yarny context – I took this scarf off the loom this week to free it up for a Weave Along happening this month.

20170131_3 I’m going to try to get some better photos outside this weekend but it’s so dang windy right now it wouldn’t work.   The yarn is one of the Loopy Legend yarns from TLE and just happens to be friend Judy’s colorway called – My Favorite Quilt.

I used the yarn for both warp and weft and it knit up sort of plaid (but the camera does not like to focus in on plaid so it looks a bit woozy).


There is a Weave Along on the Miss Bab’s Ravelry group for the month of February.  I did have plans to make a scarf but as I was in the sewing room (which is once again a horrible mess – a pretty much constant state of being for that room) I spied this hank of Miss Babs K2 laying not where it belonged.

20170204_5It’ a chunky yarn and I’m thinking about weaving it so I can make a cowl out of it if I can find something to use for the warp that will be a good color with it.  I have a habit of beating the weft into place too much so it makes the scarfs, etc stiff.  I think if I try it with this heavier yarn I will be able to see more easily that I’m not packing it in to tightly.  I’m still thinking on this cowl plan but I want to get the loom ready later today to get started.  The color is Peppermint Bark.

This yarn recently came in (but was purchased before the end of last year as part of TLE 3-monthly Warm Woolies Club packages).  This yarn is from the January package and is a DK weight single silky targhee from Blue Moon and it’s a big hank!  Nearly 700 yards.   Haven’t decided what I’ll do with it yet.