Stash Reports – 2-26-17

Well the knitting stash report is looking up — I was in the red last week due to recent purchases.   But I’m back in the black ! 🙂 (till next week anyway).

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  6,173

Yarn Used Y-T-D: 7,210 yards

Net: 1037  (in the black) 🙂

I added three more finished projects to the finished knits page (click the button in the sidebar of the blog)  two more hats for my ESK badges and the test knit shawl which you can find out about in my prior blog post.

As for the fabric stash — well that took a hit this week as there was an influx of these lovelies to be used and mixed with other batiks in the stash for  a wedding quilt.


But oh aren’t they gorgeous!   Only 3.5 yards in the red — not too bad — but I definitely need to clean that sewing room so I can get in there and have room to sew!

Yardage Used Y-T-D :   6.5 yards

Yardage Purchased Y-T-D:  11.0 yards

Net:   3.5 yards  (in the red)


KISS Rhapsody Shawl

I finally have decent photos of the test knit I was doing for Mary-Ann Lammers.  And I can finally show them to you since the pattern is available.  The 30% off sale was supposed to end today but since I’m just now telling you about the pattern,  Mary-Ann has graciously extended the sale through the end of the day February 28  – so don’t miss out on the discount for this terrific pattern!  You can find the pattern on Ravelry here.

First off – I absolutely love this shawl.


KISS Rhapsody Shawl – S1-20-17 /F 2-26-17

It is the perfect knitting group / tv watching / bus riding / take along project to pick up when you have time and put down and not have to worry about where you left off  type of project because the pattern is so easy you don’t have to pay lots of attention to it and can continue knitting while chatting with others etc.

20170226_7It’ a lovely squishy garter stitch project. Now that I think about it, my most favorite shawls I’ve made and that get the most wear are my garter stitch ones.The yarn I used – background is Shalimar Breathless -75% Merino, 15% Cashmere goat, and 10% silk – in Blueberry colorway.  It feels so lovely and is great to knit with.  The other yarn is my favorite Three Irish Girls colorway – Luau.  The Rikke hat I posted yesterday was in Luau (so now I have a hat to match my shawl)  🙂 but the hat was in DK weight, this is fingering weight.

One of the brilliant things about this shawl is the way the border edge is knitted and carried into the striped sections –no ends to weave in due to those stripes – doesn’t get any better than that.  And the stripes themselves are spaced out in sections so they have more background between the stripes as you progress across the shawl .

If you look at Mary-Ann’s shawl at the pattern link above, you will see that my embellishment for the points looks a bit different.  I haven’t been able to pick up any discs/washers in the right size when I’ve been out shopping – I need to hit an actual hardware store rather than Target or that sort of store that didn’t have them.  In the meantime tho, I used a clear shower curtain hanging loop as my temporary embellishment.


It actually works well since I can use my favorite shawl pin with it to hold the shawl in place.  I quickly crocheted around the ring to fill it with yarn and attached it to the tip of the shawl.

I’m already planning to make a second one!





Rikke Hat done


It didn’t take long to finish off this hat.   Even hopped outside quick to get a photo in the gray snowy light of late afternoon – but the overcast day is good to get the true colors of this yarn.  Have I said before how much I love this Luau color?  Okay yes I did earlier today and I know I have before that.  This is a slouchy hat – the original hat doe not have the brim rolled up – it’s just slouchy which is fine but on really cold days you could roll up the brim so it keeps the ears doubly warm.  And the tassel – well I just liked it.  Will have to see if it pulls down on the hat too much when worn since it’s slouchy already but for now it’s be-tasseled.

On the Needles – 2/25/17

Things have been really busy around here.  The weather has also been crazy – last week several days in the upper 60s – a very nice but very strange thing for me to get to wear my spring coat in mid February – it’s usually a bit iffy if I can wear it I April! 🙂 Yesterday, ice/rain and when I got home still raining and freezing.  Luckily, with those warm days, the sidewalks and streets were not icing over – just the trees, cars, all the edges of street signs had icicles hanging down.  And it was quite windy so the tree right outside my door in the woods were making such a racket as their icy branches crashed into each other in the wind.

This morning 18 degrees when I headed out to breakfast with a friend and at some point last night the ice had turned to snow – but not a huge amount.  As we crested a hill by my house we both said “WOW!”.  The sun had come out from behind a cloud and we were at the top of the hill looking down a boulevard lined with tons of trees — every icy twig shining in the sun so brightly it looked amazing.  And of course my camera wasn’t in my purse because it would have made such a great photo!   But I’m happy to be safely back home since the store parking lots were totally icy and fun to try to get across.

Okay – enough rambling — knitting – that’s what I started out to tell you.


This is the Rikke hat – a lovely squishy all garter hat in my favorite Three Irish Girls DK Colorway – Luau.  I’m working on the decreases at the top so will finish this today.  It also will earn me some of my ESK badges for the Yarnathon.


I showed this hat last time but went back and made a super full fluffy pompom to top it off.  How it is complete and ready to donate.  I used the leftover yarn to make another bonnet like the prior one I made.


Such a fun project to make and easy to change the size a bit – especially when using chunky yarn.  Added a tassle to this one and triple yarn chain crocheted ties.


I also made and blocked a swatch of some Handmaiden Mini Maiden yarn since I want to make a summery top out of it using Customfit but I need to figure out how much yarn I need off my swatch.  I don’t have enough in the stash but I’m able to get more of it so hopefully with alternating hanks I can get it to work since the yarn as been in my stash since 2014.  However, if I had swatched with this before, I don’t think it would have loitered I the stash this long.  It feels SOOOO GOOOD.  Soft and fluid and drapey – it will make such a wonderful summer top.

I’m also working on the Meet Me in the Middle shawl KAL project but my camera battery conked out before I got a photo of my progress so I’ll save that for later.

Stash Report 2-19-17

Well – I did show the  new yarns I got yesterday so my numbers have take a bit of a turn but that’s okay.

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  6173

Yarn Used Y-T-D: 5,570 yards

Net: 603  (in the red) 🙂

No change on the fabric since I haven’t had any quilting time.   I did have some shopping time (on line shopping) and a bunch of fqs of batiks are headed my way soon.  Another niece gets married this summer so I need to get started on a wedding quilt (and quilt her sister’s wedding quilt from the fall) – those girls are keeping me busy. 🙂

This wedding quilt will be a riot of batik colors so I needed some more variety to add into the mix of what is already in my stash.

My plan is to make a quilt similar to this – it’s called New Directions  and based on a free pattern on the Benartex website (I just drew it in EQ larger and added more arrows to get to the size I wanted)-  “New Directions”  seems an appropriate name for a wedding quilt.  It may end up with more sections – I haven’t figured out what the final measurements are/or will be yet.


On and Off the Needles – 2/18/17

Since I couldn’t decide on what work in progress I wanted to work on (and they are sort of  very much a disasterous mess all tossed in a huge basket and I haven’t reorganized them yet) – what’s a knitter to do but pull out some of the new yarn she got (which will put her back in the red as to stash used and stash purchased) and made this simple hat in Chunky Malabrigo.  If I have enough left over once I finish another project in this yarn, I’ll go back and add a pom pom to this one.  This will be a donation hat going to a shelter near work and should be nice and warm in this chunky wool yarn.


I started this adorable pixie hat on my bus ride home last night and finished it in the week hours of the morning.  Chunky yarn and  a cute simple project make for a quick finish for sure!


I love this colorway called Milonga.  It took slightly less than one ball to make this hat.


The tassel was not part of the pattern but I thought that little point was just calling out for one to be swinging on the end of it.  I love the way the lower back of the head is shaped rather than a boxy shape I’ve seen on other patterns.  The ties are just crocheted chains but I tripled my yarn to make them because I liked the thicker look.  The hat is supposed to have a little dot stitch texture – which you can see looking at the original pattern done in solid yarn – but after doing the first repeat it wasn’t showing up in my highly colored yarn so I just did the main body of the hat in stockinette stitch.

I cast on a second one with the leftover hank of yarn from the green hat above  They are fun, cute, quick to knit and don’t take much chunky yarn to make — I think I need several of these on hand for future baby gifts or donations.

I previously showed this cowl that I finished earlier this week so that came off the needles since last on the needles report.


When Two Become One Cowl – S2-12-17 / F2-14-17

I cast on another one of the same pattern, a bit larger around, but after I got to the section where you start using the two colors together, I decided to rip it out.


The various shades of the main yarn were pooling and went from very dark to very light – so light that my contrast yarn was blending right in and on this particular project, I didn’t want the pooling colors.  I do love the two yarns together and think they will play much more nicely together if I put them on the loom and weave with them.  I plan to use the lightest color – in the corner of the photo (pink lemonade) – in the warp and the Candy Apple colorway for the weft.

Okay – so tomorrow’s stash report won’t be good but in addition to the two chunky yarns used above in the hats (which will also earn me some ESK badges in the Yarnathon) and some of the hats going to charity (always a good thing), here’s the other bright colorful yarns that came with them.  There are specific “candy” themed yarns since the Yarnathon is a Candyland theme.  (Yes there’s a badge for owning at least two candy themed yarns).

These are all Targhee worsted  yarns —  I have a project or two in mind for some of these.  One of the things I’m thinking about making is another pair of felted slippers – I wore through the bottom of mine and I think they would be fun in one of these bright colorways.  Top to bottom they are Fruity Forest, Cotton Candy Cove, and the final one which is not a candyland color but fun all the same is Swizzle Whizzle.  I love these big hanks – nearly 700 yards on each.








Hot Fudge – another finish off the needles

I call this cowl hot fudge because that’s what the colors remind me of (or maybe I’m just hungry) but it looks like hot fudge and melting vanilla ice cream. 🙂

hotfudgeThe yarn I used is Miss Babs Kaweah – a DK weight yarn.  The colors are Muslin and Petrified Forest. I was afraid the Petrified Forest would be too dark as I was knitting the bottom of the cowl where it’s all that color and that when I added in the Muslin, it would look too stark.  But I was wrong – I love the way they play together.  The stitch pattern is lovely and squishy and super easy.20170214_3

I started this Sunday night ad cast it off on the my bus ride home tonight.  The pattern is When Two Become One  which is written for fingering weight yarn but I love it in this DK weight.  I just cast on 148 stitches and chose an appropriate needle size but otherwise followed the pattern.

It turned out about 9.5″ from top to bottom and 13″ from side to side or 26″around.

I love the stitch pattern and the way the two colors play together in the middle section and keep thinking how great a sweater would be made like that…..hmmmm.

I also have these two Miss Babbs Kaweah yarns in the stash — I think I may make another cowl from this pattern for the gifting pile.


MUST KNIT FASTER…. There may be an order of yarn headed this way from Eat Sleep Knit…. there was a Valentine’s special (which I didn’t actually know about until after I placed my order but I got it in during the right time frame so bonus!) but I needed some ESK yarn for a couple Yarnathon projects that required heavier weight yarn – nearly all my ESK is sock weight.  After all I must help out my Team Gumblebees a bit!  And while I was at it I ordered some of the special “candy” colored yarns since the Yarnathon is Candyland themed.   🙂

Stash report – 2/12/17

I’m back in the black with my knitting.   As a reminder this was last weeks stash numbers:

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  3473 / Yarn Used Y-T-D:  3,380 yards  / Net:  negative 93  yards.

If you saw my On the Needles report this week, you saw several finishes so despite this lovely hank of Yowza coming in this week


Here are this week’s numbers —

Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  3973 / Yarn Used Y-T-D: 5,090 yards/ Net: 1117  (in the black!) 🙂

And since last week I now have  added to my completed projects – three knit cowls, one woven cowl (which I so love) and one woven table runner.

This is the cowl I finished off last night.

The hank of yarn pictured above (Miss Babs Yowza)  is next up on the loom.

My test knit is done except for a few finishing touches (which isn’t added into the yarn used tally yet).

Once again I’ve been digging through the WIP baskets and bins looking for some needles and made a whole mess of them so I need to get those straightened out and figure out what WIP I want to work on next (or what new project I might be tempted to start — perhaps I’ll start on my Find You Fade).

No change in the fabric #s – nothing sewn, nothing purchased, I need to get some quality sewing time in soon!


Looking forward to breakfast

Finally, the brioche bread I previously mentioned is finally out of the oven and very nearly cook enough to cut into.

I couldn’t resist a taste test

20170211_2This is going to be so good toasted with my coffee tomorrow.  It was a regularly rise yeast break (not the no knead ones I’ve been making of late) so it was a lot of waiting around for those risings to get done but well worth it.

A start and then finish

20170211_4I got the leftover black warp on my loom ready and pulled out some more Miss Babs K2.  I wasn’t sure how much warp was left but knew it would be enough for a 30″ or so table runner.

I guessed well because  it finished at 9″ by 31″ not counting the fringe.

Started and finished all in an afternoon.

This is a wild iris colorway called Gwen.

I only used about half the hank for the weft but I’m thinking maybe some fingerless gloves  to use the leftovers up.