Those pesky germs

Those sick (as in sneezing, coughing, etc) people at the office and actually on my bus ride home –  I noticed the other night there was a lot of coughing going on as I tried to pull my head down lower into my coat collar and breathe through my scarf to try to avoid those germs. LOL  It didn’t work – since Wed. last week I noticed my throat was a bit scratchy but not sore, by Friday morning I had a very deep raspy voice and by late that afternoon the sneezing started.  But it could be worse – and hopefully won’t get much worse.  But with the really cold weather we have had and then the switch to warmer (for us), damper foggy weather – it’s cold and cough season for sure.

I spent last night and today lying low.  Finally about 2:30 this afternoon I decided to get out of my flannel jammies (mostly because I wanted to toss them in with a load of wash I was doing)  and decided to stitch a few quilt blocks together.  I needed to do something because all day up to that point I’d knit a row or two, doze off, wake up, knit a row or two, etc.  I probably needed the sleep but if I want to sleep tonight that had to stop.  And I was getting tired of restarting the same movie I kept falling asleep watching.

So, I got the last three vertical rows of my Gift Tags quilt blocks sewn.


Next I need to cut the vertical sashing that goes between the rows but I think I’m done sewing for today.

While I was waiting for the coffee pot to finish filling this morning I quickly mixed up a new bread recipe.  Another one from the King Arthur Flour website called No Knead Crusty White Bread.  I made half a recipe to make sure I actually like it (and because I don’t have a dough pail or bowl large enough to let the full recipe rise).  Hopefully I’ll like the flavor because I like the fact that you can make it and leave the dough in the fridge for up to 7 days.  It says it should taste more sourdough-like if you leave it for 7 days.  So you could use part of it to make a loaf and leave the rest until the following weekend to make another – that would be handy.   And it takes about 5 minutes to dump the few ingredients in and get it mixed up to start with so really quick and easy.   So tomorrow I’ll bake it and try out my new bread lame for slashing the slits in the top and my new instant read thermometer.




2 comments on “Those pesky germs

  1. Worst of all sick on a weekend!
    You need to check out
    I started with the first book, but they give lots of recipes on the site. They have a recipe that sounds like the one you have planned, but have you make a big batch that you can pull from every few days. And it really does taste very much like sourdough when you let it set.
    Get better!

  2. I’m sorry that those people on the bus and at work shared their germs with you. I have been very careful too to avoid getting that bug. Like the sound of the No Knead bread recipe that you can keep for 7 days to use. I’ll be watching to see your results. PS I got one of the bread lames too along with a dough whisk. The proofing bowls are on back order…darn 🙂

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