And inside….


Finally cool enough to cut into.  I knew I hadn’t eaten lunch yet for a reason – I was waiting for a taste test of this and it is delicious.  Chewy crust (which I love) and tender inside.  I was concerned I might not have baked it long enough but its great.  But I did just order a new instant read thermometer (since I broke my prior one) so I will know that it’s the right temp inside and also a bread lame since I need something sharper than my knives.

And an update on my Lilac Fields (Fern Garden Pattern) sweater. I’ve been working on several projects so this one got set aside for a while but I’ve managed to make a bit more progress on one of the fronts.



3 comments on “And inside….

  1. Your bread looks absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to try this recipe. My order from Breadtopia is scheduled for tomorrow arrival. I also bought one of those lame knives along with more toys to make my loaves look better. Your sweater is a pretty color, Thanks for showing the final result of your bread.

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