On the Needles – 1-20-17

Two items off the needles this week!

My Candlewick Targetty which I made for the ESK first quarterly KAL – which you had to use a Melanie Berg pattern for.  This was a fun knit.  Since the yarn was in the stash since 2011, it will also earn me a Stash Diver badge.  I don’t totally understand all the ESK yarnathon badges and other item that earn you points/stars, but I’m slowly catching on and I’m picking and choosing which things I want to participate in – not all of them are of interest to me – but it’s fun.


ESK KAL1 – Targetty started 1-9-17 Finished 1-19-17

Wore it to work today – great neck warmer.  If my neck is warm, the rest of me is warm.

I also finished my DaVinci Cowl III – Spanish Steps — well finished except I need to add the fringes to the lace edging.  So I haven’t added this one into my yarn used tally yet since it’s not quite finished (and I need to get a better photo of it once the fringe is added.


DaVinci Cowl III Spanish Steps



I absolutely love how this one turned out.  The little red “stripe” area is actually eyelet openings and when folded at the neck edge makes it look like a great little picot edge.  The colors reverse on the inside – mostly red with the multicolor eyelets.  This yarn is also incredible soft.  Information on the yarn is on my project page.


I have two more DaVinci cowls – the KISS Cowl pattern where the work is all done by a long color change yarn rather than pooling – which are both nearly ready to come off the needles.  I just have the final edging to finish on both.

And, a new project will go on the needles tonight – as soon as I get off the computer!  I’m doing a test knit and can’t show you what it looks like until the pattern comes out (no spoilers!!) 🙂  but I will show you the lovely yarn I’ll be working with — and yes I went stash diving for these.

On the left is Shalimar Yarns Breathless and it’s a luscious feeling yarn – merino, cashmere and silk blend – soooooo soft.  The color is Blueberry and it’s been languishing in the stash since 2013.  On the right is Three Irish Girls  (another favorite of mine) Adorn Sock and the color is Luau and that’s been in the stash since 2014 but I was waiting for just the right project and this is it.

Now to wind some yarn  and then – flannel jammies, a big bowl of popcorn and a quilt to snuggle under as I knit.