Design Wall Monday – 1-16-2017 and an Ice Day

The blocks the Gift Tags quilt are on the design wall.  These are the blocks I made yesterday.

20170115_1   I have a few more  cut and ready to sew and then I’ll need to see how many more blocks I need.  I’m working with Fat Quarters rather than yardage so I will need to add in some fabrics from the stash to get enough blocks for the size I want.  These fabrics all have silver metallic glitz in them but I think I may add in some gold glitz fabrics too.

I may be able to get all the blocks sewn later today since today is now an “ice day” similar to “snow day” for me.  With it being MLK day – some of the bus routes don’t run today and they run other routes on a Saturday schedule (clearly they think not enough people work this day to warrant all the routes).  This means my normal limited stop route doesn’t run and I have to catch a different “Saturday schedule” route.  So I got up 45 minute earlier than normal, slipped and slided and oh so slowly shuffled to the bus stop.  I don’t know what time it started, but at 6:30 this a.m. when I was out, there was already a coating of ice on the sidewalks and roads but I managed to get to the bus stop.   Then the dang bus driver DROVE RIGHT BY ME!!!   Many bad words were said as I waived my big bright colored umbrella and yelled for him to stop….. he did not…..(insert many colorful words here!).  I think the fact that he was driving too fast for conditions, and nearly slid past the corner when he was supposed to turn onto my road, might have distracted him from noticing the woman waiving her bright colored umbrella and yelling for him to stop. Bad bus driver!!  So I slowly shuffled and slid my way back to the apt since the next bus wouldn’t come for an hour due to the Saturday schedule running on a Monday.    I called the office to let them know I was delayed and emailed the bus company a message 🙂  and put on some coffee.

An hour later I checked the bus tracker to see where my bus was – it was running 25 minutes behind schedule at that point.  I got bundled up again, pulled my umbrella out of the bathtub (when I came back in after my first time out – it wouldn’t close because of all the frozen sleet and rain on it).  I made it as far as the first set of steps and even holding on to the railing my feet were sliding back off the steps.  I had thrown salt on those steps when I came back in after my first attempt to get to work, and it had simply frozen over top of the salt.  That was when I decided to slide my way back to my door and stay home. It’s treacherous trying to walk outside.

So now that I’ve changed back to my hanging around the house clothes, I can’t decide what to do with myself.   Had I known last night I’d be home today, I would have started some bread last night so it would be ready to bake this a.m.  I much prefer to be home on days when I have it preplanned.  I may need to go find a different recipe that doesn’t need to sit overnight .



4 comments on “Design Wall Monday – 1-16-2017 and an Ice Day

  1. How annoying!
    I feel the same way about having an unexpected day off like you: if I had known it was coming, I would have had time to plan / get excited about it! What bread recipe do you use?

  2. Oh my Denise. I feel for you. I would have said more than a few choice words to that bus driver. In fact, I’m sure my computer would have been emitting smoke from the email to the company when I got finished. Thank goodness you were not hurt walking on all that ice. That is one good thing about being retired — no more HAVING TO GET TO WORK”!!

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