On the Loom – 1-15-17

Yesterday I warped up the loom with some new yarn.


The yarn is “Judy’s Favorite Quilt”  (friend Judy’s (Patchwork Times) Loopy Legend colorway from a few years ago).  You can see the unwound hank.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to weave up – striped/plaid/ or a mishmash of colors.   I was going to try lining up he colors when warping so it would color pool but I didn’t have the patience for that so just warped it up and because of the length of the individual colored sections, it appears to be striping  more or less.  I need to get this one off the loom by February 1 when I plan to participate in a Miss Babs Weave Along.  I’ve got my yarn all picked out for that one.




9 comments on “On the Loom – 1-15-17

  1. Pretty!!! Geaux, LSU!!!

    (I know, I know . . . . but that’s what the colors remind me of!)


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