Blocks and Biscotti

Some of my Warm Wishes Gift Tag quilt blocks are now finished.  20170115_120170115_3

I wasn’t sure how many I’d get from each FQ – I should have changed the block size just a bit and I could have gotten another two or three blocks from each FQ but I wasn’t thinking ahead.  I had planned to mix some stash fabrics in with the FQ pack anyway.  Now I need to go cut the rest of the FQs and once those blocks are sewn – see how many total more blocks I need.   Absolutely super simply sewing for this project and a great way to show off larger print fabrics.



And my Coconut Biscotti — yum — they turned out great.  When I saw the recipe on the King Arthur website I knew I had to try some of the coconut flour since I absolutely love coconut in anything.

I had just a few chocolate chips to melt so just put a line of chocolate (messy line down the tops)because I didn’t want to cover up all that big, super sparkly sugar on the top of the biscotti.


3 comments on “Blocks and Biscotti

  1. When I saw the word Biscotti in your title, I zipped right down to see what kind they were. I will have to admit that almost any biscotti is my favorite and I’ve never tried coconut ones before. Thanks for the tip of where to look for the recipe. Cute “Christmas tags quilt” too.

  2. Perhaps you could make 4 smaller tags that would make the place of one of the larger blocks (I’m not sure how big these blocks are). It would be different.

    • Good idea but I have plenty of fabrics to choose from to fill in any additional blocks I need and since most are large prints, they wouldn’t work well in a smaller block size.

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