Fresh off the lo0m


I just took this off the loom.  Need to give it a soak and lay out to dry but that will wait for some other day.  One of these days when I have a chance to get outside in daylight (so probably not until next weekend) 🙂  I’ll see if I can get a better shot of the colors.

My next project to put on the loom will be to weave fabric for a bag  – haven’t decided how large it will be yet.  But it will be my January Monthly Mixer project for both fabric and yarn at The Loopy Ewe.   A new year of mixer challenges has started and the January challenge is to use yarn with three distinct colors in it; the fabric  mixer is to use three different colors of batiks or a single batik with  three distinct colors in it.  I plan to weave the yarn into fabric for a bag and use the batik for the lining/pockets.



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