Fresh off the lo0m


I just took this off the loom.  Need to give it a soak and lay out to dry but that will wait for some other day.  One of these days when I have a chance to get outside in daylight (so probably not until next weekend) 🙂  I’ll see if I can get a better shot of the colors.

My next project to put on the loom will be to weave fabric for a bag  – haven’t decided how large it will be yet.  But it will be my January Monthly Mixer project for both fabric and yarn at The Loopy Ewe.   A new year of mixer challenges has started and the January challenge is to use yarn with three distinct colors in it; the fabric  mixer is to use three different colors of batiks or a single batik with  three distinct colors in it.  I plan to weave the yarn into fabric for a bag and use the batik for the lining/pockets.




Look at this loaf of bread or I suppose it would be a round of bread.  Whatever it is for my first try at baking bread in the dutch oven using a no knead bread that sits over night — it worked out well.


I do need to get a sharper knife to slash the tops with or get some razor blades. I was afraid I’d deflate it but didn’t.   Since it’s a no knead it’s a denser bread so it held up to my not so sharp knife.  The other thing I need to get is a new instant read thermometer.  My old one fell apart (shutting a drawer with it partially sticking out probably helped that along) and the only other thermometer I have is an old meat one that doesn’t go high enough in temp. So need to find a new one.



So here was lunch – no I didn’t eat half the loaf of bread – I cut it in half to make sure it was done all the way through.  It was and it was moist inside and crusty outside.   Along with a bowl of home made French onion soup with croutons and swiss cheese melting on top.

An excellent meal for a cold winter’s day.  And plenty of leftovers to take to lunch for work this week or to stick some in the freezer.

The bread recipe is No-Knead Oat Bread which was in a King Arthur Flour catalog I got in the mail but the recipe is also on their website.  I switched one thing – the recipe calls for a mix of  bread flour and whole wheat flour — I had no whole wheat here so I substituted Rye flour for the wheat (since I love rye more anyway) and it was delicious.

Stash Report – 1-8-17


My second finish for 2017. Got the binding sewn on last night after finishing the quilting yesterday.

The wine glass block is one of my designs that we used for a block swap many years ago.  If I remember right, all the blocks in this little wall hanging were ones I made.  I’ve made at least one other wall hanging using these swap blocks and I think have one more group made into another little wall hanging in the to-be-quilted pile.


You can see all my finished to date – both knitting and quilting by clicking their respective buttons in the blog right side bar.  I keep a running tally of all projects there and images of them when finished.



The numbers for the yarn and fabric stash status are currently as follows:

  • Fabric Used this week:  2.0 Yards
  • Fabric Used YTD:  6.5 yards
  • Yarn Used this week: 0
  • Yarn Used YTD:  260 yards

I thought I might be able to get my scarf finished and off the loom last night but worked on my ESK KAL project instead.


Next week the numbers will change in both knitting and yarn.  I needed to order some wide backing for a quilt and since I’m doing the ESK quarterly and other challenges this year, and I haven’t ordered any yarn from them in the past year, only right that I get a bit since I need to use their yarn for the challenge/projects.  I have most of the projects covered by what is already in the stash but needed to add a bit (and contribute to team Gumblebees). 🙂  And the stuff I bought won’t last long in the stash since it’s for projects I want to complete in the very near future.

Time to get busy – on today’s list of things to do, need to go finish getting the bread dough I made last night ready to go into the dutch oven to bake.  I got the recipe from a King Arthur Flour catalog and after mixing it up, it has to sit out at room temp at least 8 hours so about 1:30 a.m. I remembered I wanted to try it and mixed it up.  So time to shape it and get it in the dutch oven for a final rise.  It should go great with the pot of French onion soup I need to go get started on too.  And while all those things are happening, a bit of weaving to finish off my scarf.