Sewing progress this day


Remember this wall hanging I started finishing when I was on vacation – well I managed to wander into the sewing room between loads of laundry, cleaning the kitchen and other tidying. (why are there so many cardboard boxes I need to break down for the recycling dumpster? – oh yeah, I ordered a few things on the door buster sales online the day after Christmas) 🙂  Any way, after sorting through the boxes to get rid of, I managed to get the four alternate fabric  block quilted and the  border too.   I had previously outline quilted the wine glasses.    I trimmed down the border jut a bit so it’s not quite so wide.  A green binding was made and added so I just need to hand sew it down this evening.

So quite possibly I may have another finished object to report the yardage on for tomorrow’s state of the stash report.

As the sun set, my sewing room has gotten decidedly colder – the wind is blowing at this side of the apt.  Time to move to the other rooms where it stays warmer.  But darn – now that it’s supper time I  realize I never made the pot of French onion soup I had panned to make this afternoon – it would be tasty about now.  Perhaps tomorrow.