On the Needles (and the Loom ) 1-7-17

I may have to knit much faster – the temperatures have been below zero all week and with the wind chills (the winds were horrible until yesterday) -20 to -30 below so my waiting at the top of the hill with no wind break for the bus to come — that was so not fun.  But some of those big shawls wrapped around my shoulders and neck over my coat did come in handy.  wigglewrap

A co-worker knew it was bad yesterday when I walked into work and to my desk with my long wiggle wrap (one of my favorite wraps that I get tons of compliments on from strangers whenever I wear it) wrapped even more time around my neck and shoulders and wearing….. gasp! …. a HAT!  I never wear a hat, I hate wearing hats.  I will wrap part of a scarf over my head if desperate but this was beyond desperate.  Of course I had amazing standout straight static hair for the rest of the day but that’s just entertainment for my coworkers on a quite Friday afternoon to see which way parts of it might stand out. 🙂   In other words – it’s too damn cold around here.  (But is supposed to warm up a bit in a few days.)20170107_2

The scarf I have on the loom is getting close to being done I think.  I can’t tell how much warp I have wrapped around the back beam but I’m at least 3/4s done I think. I haven’t had the loom out much lately and I’m always surprised by how quickly you can weave up a scarf.   Blurry photo but I had to open the front door to let some natural light in so I could get a somewhat true color photo of the yarn.  I wasn’t going to waste time snapping multiple photos.

I’m already planning my next project – to weave some fabric and then turn it into a tote bag.

I’m making great progress on my ESK 1st Quarter KAL project.


I’ve only got two more repeats of the plain stockinette and twisted textured stitches to do.  I’m going to add a few extra rows to the final section to use up the most of my yarn.  This will just be a small neck scarf – not really a shawl – but what a great pop of color to add to a dark sweater or blouse.  It’s a fun and easy knit – about the time I get bored with stockinette you switch to the twists and vice versa so it keeps it moving along.  I love this look of the two stitch patterns so much I’m contemplating using them in a sweater at some future point.

I have fallen in love with a new large shawl pattern.   Part of it is the stunning color combination the designer put together – isn’t this gorgeous.  Find your Fade.  I was unable to get it out of my mind and then when TLE put up a bunch of project pages showing possible yarn groupings for it, I decided I had to make it but I’m going stash diving to see what combination I can come up with.  I want to finish my ESK KAL shawl first  but am looking forward to starting on this one.  Yes – I know it’s the “year of finishing things up” but I never said I wouldn’t start new projects.

The yarn I hard ordered at Miss Babs Gratitude Sale before the end of the year would be so perfect for  that shawl (colorwise) but alas it’s a heavier weight yarn and I don’t have enough of it anyway.  But check out these gorgeous colors.


From left to right they are Muslin, Petrified Forest, Pink Lemonade, Candy Apple.  Yes, I think my aversion to pinks is letting up a little. 😉   I’m actually thinking about using these on the loom and blending them sort of the way the shawl meshes the colors together to see what I come up with.





4 comments on “On the Needles (and the Loom ) 1-7-17

  1. Tip for hair static — I spray a little Static Guard on my hairbrushes to get rid of static cling when I blow dry my hair. Works pretty good!

    • My hair air dries rather than blow dries and I’m extremely allergic to Static Guard so not an option for me.

      ETA — and I solved some of the problem today – I cut about 6 to 7″ off of it. It’s far less static prone when shorter. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of that top with the different colors. But I am lost on sizeing. It says one size fit all. No way. I wear a size 4x or sometimes 5x depending on correct sizing. And I have no idea how to lengthen it to 32 inches, how much more yarn it would take, or how much the costs might be out of my reach. I love your color choices for you. When I look at it, I see beach colors. Congrats

    • You’re comments have me confused but I’m going to assume that by “top” you mean the Shawl (Find Your Fade) that I linked to in this blog post?? It actually doesn’t say “one size fits all” it says “one size – see notes for measurements”. I actually haven’t made any color choices for me yet – the yarns shown are for a different project although they would have looked good in that shawl pattern. I’m going stash diving to come up with my color combination – haven’t decided yet if it will be solid looking colors or something more patterned. Since I wear shawls more like scarfs (around neck and top of shoulders as opposed to around just shoulders but not up around the neck – especially on asymmetrical shawls – the length along the widest point isn’t an issue for me. The way this one is made the easiest option to make it wider/longer would probably be to use a heavier yarn base or go up in needle size and of course how vigorously it is blocked it can make a big difference in size depending on the yarn that is used.

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