Dark Cherry Pie Cowl

My last monthly mixer knitting project for TLE is done.  For December the pattern or yarn or designer’s name — something had to be connected to the letter “D”.  Well I knew I wanted to use some Malabrigo Mecha bulky yarn in Jupiter color I had in the stash (no “D” connection there).  I looked for patterns but nothing said “make me” that had any “D” connection so I decided I’d just make up my own pattern.

As I’ve said before I love the pie crust lattice stitch pattern I’m using on a sweater I’m making and that stitch pattern in a bulky yarn would make a lovely squishy cowl.

So “Dark Cherry Pie Cowl” was born.


I love the at it turned out – the image above is pretty true to color.  The image below shows the stitch pattern better but not the correct color.   My first project off the needles in 2017.


Of course all this productivity will now be slowed down.  My vacation is over and back to work but it’s been a very nice relaxing time off.

Now I need to cast on my ESK Quarterly KAL shawl so I have something to knit on the bus tomorrow morning.


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