Bat Shit Crazy

That’s the name of the Miss Bab’s yarn I’m using for the scarf I’m weaving.  It has all kinds of colors in it.


I finished warping up the loom this afternoon and have probably about a foot of weaving done.


The photo I just took doesn’t do the colors justice since it’s taken inside at night but I like the fabric it’s making.



4 comments on “Bat Shit Crazy

  1. O.K. I’d buy the yarn just for the name. (I’m accused of being that all the time.) The colors are lovely. Beautiful weaving–now I want a loom. I always enjoy your knitting as well.

  2. I like it! Your weaving looks so even — are you using a 12-shed? I need to finish an ugly scarf that’s been on the loom for a year so that I can start something I like better…

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