Dark Cherry Pie Cowl

My last monthly mixer knitting project for TLE is done.  For December the pattern or yarn or designer’s name — something had to be connected to the letter “D”.  Well I knew I wanted to use some Malabrigo Mecha bulky yarn in Jupiter color I had in the stash (no “D” connection there).  I looked for patterns but nothing said “make me” that had any “D” connection so I decided I’d just make up my own pattern.

As I’ve said before I love the pie crust lattice stitch pattern I’m using on a sweater I’m making and that stitch pattern in a bulky yarn would make a lovely squishy cowl.

So “Dark Cherry Pie Cowl” was born.


I love the at it turned out – the image above is pretty true to color.  The image below shows the stitch pattern better but not the correct color.   My first project off the needles in 2017.


Of course all this productivity will now be slowed down.  My vacation is over and back to work but it’s been a very nice relaxing time off.

Now I need to cast on my ESK Quarterly KAL shawl so I have something to knit on the bus tomorrow morning.


Bat Shit Crazy

That’s the name of the Miss Bab’s yarn I’m using for the scarf I’m weaving.  It has all kinds of colors in it.


I finished warping up the loom this afternoon and have probably about a foot of weaving done.


The photo I just took doesn’t do the colors justice since it’s taken inside at night but I like the fabric it’s making.


On the design wall

My first finish for 2017 is off the design wall and I finished the binding last night.

Hillside Houses was a free Craftsy pattern.  I only made half the houses as part of a Monthly Mixer project for The Loopy Ewe.  The original pattern is about twice as long as the one I made.


The breeze was blowing as I took this photo outside this morning so the side edges don’t look like they are hanging straight but they do.  It was too cold to wait for the breeze to cooperate so I didn’t wait to get a better photo. 🙂

The back is kind of fun too since I matched top thread and bobbin thread to each individual house.  You can see a bit of the different colored stitching on the back (along with a few pieces of dead leaves since I dropped it on the ground and didn’t notice them until I was looking at the photo.


On the design wall is the wine glasses.  I have the blocks quilted in the ditch where the join each other and meet the border to stabilize them.  I have also outline quilted 1/4″ around the wine glass shapes.  I think a simple meaner in the alternating blocks of cork and corkscrew fabrics and border.  I may trim down the border just a bit once it’s all quilted.  I should have this ready to bind today.


Last day of my vacation today  – with all the various cleaning I’ve done this week, I have now managed to mess things up again but today is all about quilting, knitting, starting on my weaving project and maybe a bit of baking.  It’s cold and dark and gray outside so a good day to hibernate inside.   Altho I think I do need to make a trip to the end of the complex to my mailbox since there’s probably yarn in my mailbox from Miss Bab’s gratitude sale that has arrived.





That yarn I posted yesterday  for my ESK KAL quarterly project — yep that is not going to happen.  I looked at the other upcoming KALs and since I hoping to do all of them from stash, it was better to hold that silk content yarn for the second KAL which requires you to use a “summery” content yarn.  So the Mini Maiden will qualify for that.  And actually I could use the same pattern if I want for that one too.

So back to the container where I thought most of the yarn was from ESK.  I decided I wanted to do the Targetty pattern instead. Simple little top down scarf to add a pop of color to any outfit.  So after consulting my past orders with ESK, one of my favorite colors Candlewick – qualified.


So let the yarn winding commence.