Starting the New Year out right — do ALL the stuff

And by doing “all the stuff” I mean all the stuff I love – knitting, quilting, and weaving.  I have been wanting to get a new project on my 15″ Cricket loom for a month or more but was busy with other stuff.  I had the yarn picked out I wanted to use and when I moved the furniture around in the living room (and the loom which hides behind my couch when not in use) I thought I really need to get that warped up.   And then yesterday, when leaning out a box of stuff that had accumulated in the sewing room, I found the Video for warping the loom.   Clearly it was a sign that I need to get that weaving project going.  I always have to watch the first few minutes of the video because I instinctively want to set things up backwards — not good. LOL

Here’s the yarn I will be using.  I think they will play nicely together.

20170101_5Both yarns are Miss Babs Yowza (worsted weight).  The Old Gold is left over from a sweater I made and the multicolored is Bat Shit Crazy.

I also started the New Year out lazy – I slept in – I never do that.   All this time I’ve been on vacation I’ve actually be up earlier than my alarm is set for work — much to do and fun to have.  This morning I lounged I bed until 9 a.m. – I was awake earlier but was snuggly warm and watching another marathon of old shows I’ve never seen before – Our Miss Brooks. It’s now nearly lunch time and I haven’t had breakfast so I think I’ll go pop into the weaving video for a refresher while I mix up some biscuits because I think I will have breakfast for lunch today.

Food, more coffee, and then I think I will get the wine glass wall hanging quilted.  If memory serves me right I think there’s a second wine glass wall hanging in the tops stash waiting to be quilted too.  May have to see if I can find that.


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