No Knead Crusty White Bread

All I can say is Yum… This is the bread I told you about yesterday that I mixed up and then put in the fridge.  Took it out this morning and shaped into a ball.


Let come to room temperature (about 2 hrs)  and slash the the top.


And it turns into this lovely crusty bread


Just popped my taste test pieces into the toaster and it was delicious.


That is about as ambitious as I’ve been today.  I worked a bit on the scarf on the loom since Miss Babs Weave A-long starts soon so I need to get the current project finished and off the loom but I think it’s time for a nap.


Those pesky germs

Those sick (as in sneezing, coughing, etc) people at the office and actually on my bus ride home –  I noticed the other night there was a lot of coughing going on as I tried to pull my head down lower into my coat collar and breathe through my scarf to try to avoid those germs. LOL  It didn’t work – since Wed. last week I noticed my throat was a bit scratchy but not sore, by Friday morning I had a very deep raspy voice and by late that afternoon the sneezing started.  But it could be worse – and hopefully won’t get much worse.  But with the really cold weather we have had and then the switch to warmer (for us), damper foggy weather – it’s cold and cough season for sure.

I spent last night and today lying low.  Finally about 2:30 this afternoon I decided to get out of my flannel jammies (mostly because I wanted to toss them in with a load of wash I was doing)  and decided to stitch a few quilt blocks together.  I needed to do something because all day up to that point I’d knit a row or two, doze off, wake up, knit a row or two, etc.  I probably needed the sleep but if I want to sleep tonight that had to stop.  And I was getting tired of restarting the same movie I kept falling asleep watching.

So, I got the last three vertical rows of my Gift Tags quilt blocks sewn.


Next I need to cut the vertical sashing that goes between the rows but I think I’m done sewing for today.

While I was waiting for the coffee pot to finish filling this morning I quickly mixed up a new bread recipe.  Another one from the King Arthur Flour website called No Knead Crusty White Bread.  I made half a recipe to make sure I actually like it (and because I don’t have a dough pail or bowl large enough to let the full recipe rise).  Hopefully I’ll like the flavor because I like the fact that you can make it and leave the dough in the fridge for up to 7 days.  It says it should taste more sourdough-like if you leave it for 7 days.  So you could use part of it to make a loaf and leave the rest until the following weekend to make another – that would be handy.   And it takes about 5 minutes to dump the few ingredients in and get it mixed up to start with so really quick and easy.   So tomorrow I’ll bake it and try out my new bread lame for slashing the slits in the top and my new instant read thermometer.



And inside….


Finally cool enough to cut into.  I knew I hadn’t eaten lunch yet for a reason – I was waiting for a taste test of this and it is delicious.  Chewy crust (which I love) and tender inside.  I was concerned I might not have baked it long enough but its great.  But I did just order a new instant read thermometer (since I broke my prior one) so I will know that it’s the right temp inside and also a bread lame since I need something sharper than my knives.

And an update on my Lilac Fields (Fern Garden Pattern) sweater. I’ve been working on several projects so this one got set aside for a while but I’ve managed to make a bit more progress on one of the fronts.


Look at that Bread!

20170122_6  Isn’t that a gorgeous loaf of bread!?  I’m feeling quite pleased with myself right now although there was nothing difficult about making this bread.  Hopefully it will taste as good as it looks but it’s far to hot to tell right now.  It is a “loud” loaf tho – when I took it out of the dutch oven (have I told you how much I love that dutch oven? best Christmas gift to myself and it makes bread baking so easy) – it was popping and cracking like Rice Krispies cereal.  I think from all those seeds in it – the poppy seeds were really popping. 🙂

While that was baking I found the perfect fabric in the stash to make the last five or 6 Gift Tag blocks I needed.

20170122_5The fabric in the very center – holly and berries on white background – was the only holiday fabric in the stash with silver glitz on it so I lucked out to find one that went with all the others.

If you want a super simple to piece quilt that is great for showing off larger prints – this one is it (okay I’m a bit biased).  Now I have to cut a bunch of sashing so I can start joining the blocks in to rows.


Sunday – 1-22-17 – Stashes

Thanks to the two finished projects I posted yesterday, my stash report isn’t too bad. 🙂  It brought the amount of yarn I’m in the “red,” a bit lower.

  • Yarn Purchased Y-T-D:  3473
  • Yarn Used Y-T-D:  2,480 yards
  • Net:  negative 993  yards

But all that yarn purchased was for my Find Your Fade shawl so it won’t linger in the stash too long.  Just need to wait a bit before starting on that project.

As for fabric, that hasn’t changed since last week.  No sewing and the flannel backing fabric I ordered hasn’t arrived yet so the numbers stand as:

  • Fabric Purchased Y-T-D:  zero
  • Fabric Used Y-T-D:  6.5 yards

I’m hoping after doing a few tasks around here today (get some laundry going and clean out the fridge before my grocery delivery arrives) that I can get to some sewing and finish off the rest of the Gift Tag blocks I need.

My No Knead Harvest Grains Bread, went from this yesterday



and 20170122_1after sitting overnight, had risen and gotten bubbly

so punched it down and shaped the round this morning and just have to let it rest for 2 hrs and it will be ready to pop in the oven.


Looking forward to trying this seedy loaf.

Foggy photos

The fog around here – which has been plaguing us all week – does serve one good purpose. This drippy, foggy day was perfect for me to get some outdoor photos of another finished project and some better photos of the projects I showed last night.

First up – my DaVinci Cowl III – Spanish Steps.  I added the fringe to it this morning so now it’s completely finished.  I absolutely love this one.


DaVinci Cowl III – Tuscan Steps – started 1/8/17 finished 1/21/17


And better shots of Targetty.


ESKQ1-KAL – Targetty Started 1-2-17 finished 1-19-17



Whew – my stash report won’t be quite as bad tomorrow thanks to finishing off these two projects. 🙂

Harvest GrainsBlend

and I did tidy the kitchen but only so I could mix up this wonderful looking dough.


It’s the No Knead Harvest Grains Bread recipe from the King Arthur Flour website. The Harvest Grains  Blend looks very much like what is in the store bought grainy/seedy  bread I buy.  I did change the recipe a bit since I still haven’t added wheat flour to my shopping list but I do like that the no-knead recipes I’ve looked at call for normal ingredients I have in my cupboards and I don’t have to worry about not having enough  eggs, or not having any milk or butter, since milk and butter are not things I use in my day-to-day cooking – but none of those things are needed in this simple  bread recipe – just basic staples.  Hope this one turns out as good as the prior recipe I tried.  So 5 minute to dump all the ingredients into the mixer – turned on the mixer for 5-10 minutes to mix it up – cover it and I’m done for today.  It sits in the bowl overnight  and will get baked tomorrow.

On the Needles – 1-20-17

Two items off the needles this week!

My Candlewick Targetty which I made for the ESK first quarterly KAL – which you had to use a Melanie Berg pattern for.  This was a fun knit.  Since the yarn was in the stash since 2011, it will also earn me a Stash Diver badge.  I don’t totally understand all the ESK yarnathon badges and other item that earn you points/stars, but I’m slowly catching on and I’m picking and choosing which things I want to participate in – not all of them are of interest to me – but it’s fun.


ESK KAL1 – Targetty started 1-9-17 Finished 1-19-17

Wore it to work today – great neck warmer.  If my neck is warm, the rest of me is warm.

I also finished my DaVinci Cowl III – Spanish Steps — well finished except I need to add the fringes to the lace edging.  So I haven’t added this one into my yarn used tally yet since it’s not quite finished (and I need to get a better photo of it once the fringe is added.


DaVinci Cowl III Spanish Steps



I absolutely love how this one turned out.  The little red “stripe” area is actually eyelet openings and when folded at the neck edge makes it look like a great little picot edge.  The colors reverse on the inside – mostly red with the multicolor eyelets.  This yarn is also incredible soft.  Information on the yarn is on my project page.


I have two more DaVinci cowls – the KISS Cowl pattern where the work is all done by a long color change yarn rather than pooling – which are both nearly ready to come off the needles.  I just have the final edging to finish on both.

And, a new project will go on the needles tonight – as soon as I get off the computer!  I’m doing a test knit and can’t show you what it looks like until the pattern comes out (no spoilers!!) 🙂  but I will show you the lovely yarn I’ll be working with — and yes I went stash diving for these.

On the left is Shalimar Yarns Breathless and it’s a luscious feeling yarn – merino, cashmere and silk blend – soooooo soft.  The color is Blueberry and it’s been languishing in the stash since 2013.  On the right is Three Irish Girls  (another favorite of mine) Adorn Sock and the color is Luau and that’s been in the stash since 2014 but I was waiting for just the right project and this is it.

Now to wind some yarn  and then – flannel jammies, a big bowl of popcorn and a quilt to snuggle under as I knit.

Snow Globes

While looking for some fabrics to add to my Gift Tags quilt, I pulled out another winter wall hanging that I want to finish – the Snow Globes.

I had one block that needed the snow globe base appliqued and one snow globe to applique.  I quickly finished those off – why did I procrastinate so long on that I wonder?  Anyway  here’s the blocks so far.


I may still go back and replace the center poinsettia block with a different bird block but have to see if I have any background fabric left – I may not in which case I”ll leave it.

My favorites are the cardinals on this pretty blueish background.



Winter Weave Along with Miss Babs

The Miss Babs Ravelry group is having a weave along starting February 1.  You can make whatever you like, as long as at least one yarn used is Miss Babs.

I’m planning to use the Miss Babs yarn I got from her December Gratitude Sale.  I’m calling my project Chocolate Covered Cherries – and you will see why from the colors of the yarn.


From left to right they are Kaweah base (100% superwash merino) in Muslin color and then in Petrified Forest Color (I love the petrified forest) and then the next two are on Kunlun base (70 merino/15 cashmere / 15 silk).   My plan is to weave some yardage and then turn it into a bag (if I can bring myself to cut into it).    My plan right now is to warp the loom with the muslin and alternate in a few stripes of petrified forest and then weave alternating pink lemonade and candy apple, throwing in a few sections of petrified forest too.

But before any of that can happen I need to get my current scarf finished.