2017 – The year of quilty finishes


  • The year – 2017
  • The plan – finish those quilting projects
  • The source of ideas – the piles of quilt tops waiting to be finished,  the WIP, the swap blocks waiting to become projects, the fabrics just waiting to be used.
  • I count fabric as used when it makes it to top stage, and then add in the backing and binding as it is quilted and finished (which may or may not – likely NOT – be at the same time the top I finished)


This page will be where the projects finished in 2017 will be displayed and tally of fabric in and out kept:

Yardage Used Y-T-D :   6.5 yards

Yardage Purchased Y-T-D:  11.0 yards

Net:   3.5 yards  (in the red)



Hillside Houses – finished 1/1/17



Wine glasses from block swap  – finished 1-7-17