Into the Sewing Room

After a little visit with Mom and Dad, lunch at Chili’s and a stop at Trader Joe’s, they are now on their way home and I have my latte by my side along with my favorite biscotti from Trader Joe’s (chocolate hazelnut), Anne of Green Gables marathon on TV (I can never see those movies too many times) and I’m ready to get to some sewing.

I did find something at Trader Joe’s that I’ve never seen before.  Occasionally I come across a recipe that calls for whipping cream.  That is just not something I ever have here since I so seldom use it.

jBut Trader Joe’s has shelf stable whipping cream in a box.     So now I just have to remember what recipes I saw recently that I needed it for and try it out.  Definitely a handy thing to have tucked in the cupboard for those infrequent times I really need it.   Looking forward to trying it out.    My only other TJ’s purchase – the $2.99 bottle of Pinot Grigio that I use in my French Onion Soup.  I have everything else for it so now I can cook up a big pot and stick some in the freezer.


So on to some sewing.

My first project – none of the ones I previously showed you.  Since I’ll be “toasting in the New Year” in my sewing room, I found a little wall hanging top that sort of reflects that.  So after I find a piece of backing fabric, I’ll be layering that up and machine quilting it.  Should be a quick project.  The on to my Winter Wishes – Gift Tags quilt.