10:46 pm update

I have been very busy in the sewing room (after taking a dinner break earlier courtesy of the pizza delivery guy who also delivers brownies so I think it’s time  for a snack break.  But 10:46 p.m. – and I had to take a break and stretch my shoulders but I nearly have the houses all quilted.

I just have the very top left to quilt — the purple roof, the gray roof, and the blue sky pieces around them.  I’m glad I decided to use thread to match the houses even tho it has slowed me down a bit winding bobbins and rethreading – and I also like that I used a bunch of different meandering stitches rather than just one overall pattern.  I’m liking how this is turning out.

Now where did I put those brownies….




The Houses

I decided to layer and quilt one of my TLE Monthly Mixer projects – thinking I just might be able to finish that one off tonight.  Well likely not since then I decided that rather than just overall meander, I would quilt each house a bit differently and in threads to match the houses.

Here’s what the top looks like before it was layered.

20160905_1  It was a free Craftsy pattern – Hillside Houses -I only did about half the houses because I wanted it to fit a certain spot in my sewing room.  It measures about 60 ” wide by 35″ tall and uses all Kona Solids and Kaffe Fassett prints and stripes.  It’s very bright.

I’ve got bright pink thread in the machine so I’ve quilted the pink house in the top row (except of the gray roof)


and am now moving to the pink house along the bottom. But it was time to stop for a moment and get on the computer to order dinner.  I have quilting to do – can’t be cooking dinner so pizza is ordered.

After I finished layering the houses, I had just enough batting and backing left over to layer this wineglass wall hanging.



I just snapped a quick photo as it was tossed on the ironing board so the top row of glasses you can’t see.  The fabric in between the glasses  has all kinds of corkscrews and wine bottle openers and corks on it and the border is purple and green ivy rint but it has a “grape” leaves kind of feel to it.  The wine glasses are some from a block swap many years ago.

Into the Sewing Room

After a little visit with Mom and Dad, lunch at Chili’s and a stop at Trader Joe’s, they are now on their way home and I have my latte by my side along with my favorite biscotti from Trader Joe’s (chocolate hazelnut), Anne of Green Gables marathon on TV (I can never see those movies too many times) and I’m ready to get to some sewing.

I did find something at Trader Joe’s that I’ve never seen before.  Occasionally I come across a recipe that calls for whipping cream.  That is just not something I ever have here since I so seldom use it.

jBut Trader Joe’s has shelf stable whipping cream in a box.     So now I just have to remember what recipes I saw recently that I needed it for and try it out.  Definitely a handy thing to have tucked in the cupboard for those infrequent times I really need it.   Looking forward to trying it out.    My only other TJ’s purchase – the $2.99 bottle of Pinot Grigio that I use in my French Onion Soup.  I have everything else for it so now I can cook up a big pot and stick some in the freezer.


So on to some sewing.

My first project – none of the ones I previously showed you.  Since I’ll be “toasting in the New Year” in my sewing room, I found a little wall hanging top that sort of reflects that.  So after I find a piece of backing fabric, I’ll be layering that up and machine quilting it.  Should be a quick project.  The on to my Winter Wishes – Gift Tags quilt.

Happy New Year’s Eve

I’m in the sewing room (well that’s where the computer is) but my plans for getting a start on finishing those quilting projects has been pushed back a bit.  My parents are stopping on their way through to take me out to lunch so a very good reason not to get an early morning start.

For first I will see if I can finish sorting the boxes and baskets of yarny things that I shoved I the sewing room.  And then I will see if I can get a little wallhanging layered.  Don’t know that I’ll start quilting on it today since I want to work on this quilt.

warnwishesgifttags - 76x86

It’s the Winter Wishes Gift Tag design I did for Hoffman California Fabrics.  I loved this gray/silver metallic colorway and have most of the actual fabrics from the quilt but will adding in a few fabrics from the stash to fill in for the fabrics I’m missing.   The outer border fabric is so pretty in real life – the image above doesn’t do it justice.  But in my opinion, you can never go wrong with the Hoffman cardinal prints – I love them all.   I’m going to have to go shopping for some black buttons for the top of the gift tags.

Speaking of the cardinal prints – the other project I want to finish this winter is the very first quilt design I ever did for Hoffman California Fabrics — Snowglobes.  Below is just the image of the design – my version I still need to finish the applique for 2 or three blocks so that I can then set it together.


Many of my blog readers said they’d be hanging out in their sewing rooms ringing in the new year working on their own projects they want to finish up as a jump start to tacking those WIPs.  So if you are one of those people, leave a comment sharing what you are working on and if possible, a link in your comment to images of what you are working on since it’s always fun to see the work of others.