Last on the Needles Report of 2016

I had to look at the computer to figure out what day it is – must mean I’m enjoying my time off! 🙂  Which I am. 20161230_1

Today’s cleaning project – I have gathered yarn which just got tucked in cabinets or shelves where it didn’t belong, WIP, yarn I pulled for projects but then got sidetracked with some other project so didn’t start it and that  needs to be put away again, I see a finished project or two in there that just need ends woven in, etc.  Sorting through this mess (and another basket of WIP I just remembered) and I’ll have the knitting “stuff” under control.

In the meantime – what’s on the needles –


Swatches — I finished off and blocked the Cascade Doeskin Heather swatch I had found partially completed.  Now I just need to do some measuring and weighing of the swatch to see if I have enough of that yarn in the stash to make the Oak Knoll CustomFit vest.

The bottom swatch I started last night.  That is actually the yarn I bought  (one of the colors I got) to make the Betwixt Blanket Cape that starts next week in a KAL. But the more I look at this yarn, the more I think I really want a sweater out of it.  The blanket cape has some color work (just two colors) – not hard looking but not in the round so a bit more putzy.  And I think I may want to make some alterations to the cape – make it longer for sure since I’m tall – so as I was moving all this yarn about I thought it would be neat to make it out of leftovers.  Maybe use one main color and all kinds of other colors– I don’t have to worry about running short on yarn if it make it larger so I think the cape project will go on the back burner for a while and the yarn I bought for it will be made into a cardigan.

I’m planning to do a CustomFit version of  the Currituck cardigan. I’ve been wanting to do a striped cardigan for a while and I like how the main color switches to the opposite at the top and bottom of the sweater.  I’ll leave the pockets off tho.   The gray tweedy yarn is Kenzie HiKoo by Skacel and it’s a wool/nylon/alpaca/angora/silk blend.  First time I’ve ever bought it but it feels very nice – even better that it was on sale.  I think the gray and blue colors I got will look great in this sweater.

My CustomFit version of Fern Ridge is coming along nicely. Back done and working on right front.


And now as promised previously, I’m giving away one of my CustomFit credits so someone else can try the CustomFit program for themselves.  If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I love using CustomFit to make my sweaters.  The down and dirty description of CustomFit – you knit a swatch using whatever yarn you want with a needle size that gives you a fabric you like (you do not need to meet someone else’s gauge), your sweater pattern is generated based on your specific swatch information and your specific measurement set.  Accurate measurements are key to getting a great fitting sweater.   You can find out more information on the CustomFit website – – and the Amy Herzog Ravelry group is full of great information and friendly people to help answer questions – and of course images of all kinds of great looking sweaters on all kinds of body types for inspiration.

The CustomFit Credit is for the equivalent of the price of a pattern.  It’s free to set up your account on the CustomFit website and your first pattern you generate will be free with the credit code I give away.   If you want to be included in the random drawing for the CustomFit credit (and please be sure that you will use it – I don’t want it to go to waste), leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your current knitting project is and if you’ve ever made a sweater before.   One comment per person and  I’ll pick a winner on New Year’s Day.


19 comments on “Last on the Needles Report of 2016

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  2. I have multiple projects going–sweater, cowl, scarf, shawl–just finished a hat. I took one of Amy’s Craftsy courses and love the idea of a custom fit sweater since I purchased yarn for three more sweaters.
    Happy New Year!

  3. What’s on MY needles? I’m finishing the last rows of Laura Aylor’s CounterCurrent Shawl (and loving it, by the way!). I’ve made a couple of sweaters in the past but my seams lack perfection (read “ucky”) and the fit? Well one I love despite the seam problems and the other 2 are just OK. I think I could really benefit with CustomFit!

  4. Hi Denise- what an awesome giveaway. Just off the needles is the stained glass cowl, and currently have 2 crochet project- both afghans in progress, the sunflower afghan and a heavy star stitch for hubby- since the winters in Wi are chilly. I have knit a couple of sweaters- an EZ garter stitch cardigan for my daughter which fit lovely and 2 other sweaters which were major fails…. So trying out custom fit would be great since I would like to knit something for myself. Thanks for doing this!

  5. I’m currently knitting a Timber cardigan. I keep looking at CustomFit but haven’t actually pulled the trigger and made my own pattern yet. Happy New Year!

    • Amy – the number generator picked you as the winner of the CustomFit giveaway. I’ll email you the code you need for the pattern through your Ravelry email either later today or tomorrow. Congratulations!

  6. I have made two sweaters and really need to learn to make them fit better. I want to make Hitofude as soon as I finish my current pair of socks.

  7. I have only been knitting for maybe 3 or 4 years. I have made a lot of scarves, some hats, 4 pair of socks and one sweater (for my great niece, she was 18mos at the time) Right now I have a scarf for my husband and 2 shawls working. I have been wanting to make a sweater for myself. It is on this years to do list. I haven’t been following you for too long. I have followed Judy for 2 or 3 years. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I am knitting socks right now. I haven’t knit a sweater for quite some time. Maybe it is time to try one again.

  9. Denise, your purple sweater on your needles is just beautiful. I admire those that can knit sweaters, but I’m not there yet. I think your offer is very generous for someone other than me. You have opened my eyes to the capabilities out there for getting custom fits, and if I ever get so motivated, I will definitely take your advice. I’m knee deep in socks and loving it. Happy New Year to you.

  10. I am currently knitting an aran sweater for my husband. It is going to take a while. I don’t knit sweaters for myself because I am not confident that they will fit. Maybe the custom fit is the way to go.

  11. On the needles here at my house are two projects. The first is the Scarf Hat from Caron. The second is a sampler afghan using yarn bought for another project. I’ve made sweaters before, but they never fit very well and I hadn’t discovered the joy of using really good yarn and blocking.

  12. Ok You have me wanting to knit and now make the quilt you posted for your 2017 finishes. Please what is the pattern name and is it one of yours?

    • The quilt in the “finishes” icon/page has no name and it is one of my EQ drawings. If I had to name it it would be something along the lines of “what was I thinking” because of the amount of paper pieced sections it would take to make it. 🙂

  13. I haven’t knitted in years, but after reading your blog the urge is coming on again. Would like to knit a sweater and some cowls for my DIL’s. Not being able to get the right fit for my sweaters is what stopped me. Custom fit seems to be the answer.

  14. Denise, love your blog! Am also knitter and quilter, in Milwaukee area. I’ m currently knitting a pair of socks (always have socks on the needles) and will start the Betwixt KAL next week. I knit a couple sweaters in high school but none since. I’d like to jump in again because my stash is out of control!

  15. Since I’ve started reading your blog, I’ve been collecting yard (not as bad as my fabric stash;) but I haven’t done a sweater yet. My current project is knitted knockers. One down, one to go.

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