The coffee breaks get longer

All week long I’ve been working on various cleaning up, clearing out, reorganization projects but I think my coffee breaks are getting longer and longer before I get back to a project.

I was putting away yarn and in one of the baskets I found a swatch – part of a swatch.


I forgot I hadn’t finished this swatch.  But I know what it’s for — the yarn is Cascade sport weight in doeskin heather – there’s a bit more variation in the shades than my swatch shows – and it’s to make a CustomFit vest called Oak Knoll.  I like the casual style of this vest and the doeskin heather will be a great color to wear with anything.  I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I have enough of it in the stash – which I won’t know until after blocking my swatch and entering the info into CF.

I also got sidetracked because I came across a stack of tops and pulled these two out of the stack since they are one I want to get quilted and finished soon.

Baxter’s Wild Ride


just needs to be layered and quilted.


And this snow lady.  I had originally planned to machine applique (satin stitch) the parts that are applique but I may do some hand buttonhole stitching on them instead.   They are just fused in place at the moment.  Then again – I may just raw edge quilt them in place as I quilt it.  Need to think on this one a bit more to decide what I want to do.