Tangled String

knitweaveYou’ll see some new buttons in the blog sidebar.  One for 2017 Quilt Finishes and one for 2017 knitting and weaving finishes (tangled strings).

My knitting plan for 2017 is much the same as my quilting plan.  Finish the many WIP and of course start many new projects – but use the lovely yarns in my stash.

I’ve removed the button for the Stained Glass Cowl KAL.  I think Judy and I may be the only ones who were actually knitting it.   You can still find the info in the sidebar link list of pages tho.  That is one of the projects on my must finish list.

As I was trying to finish the cleaning of the sewing room, I also had been gathering all the knitting projects in the works and dumping them in a pile so I can sort them, figure out where I left off on them (hopefully most of that is noted on the patterns) and put the patterns with the projects and prioritize them in some way.

Mostly I’ve just made a big messy pile of yarn and needles all dumped together and a pile of patterns I need to sort through — haven’t gotten far on the organizing and sorting.

Then in corner of the living room under my dining table I found this box – out of sight out of mind –


Hmm – parts of a sweater (I think that one is ready for seaming but I need to check) and there’s yarn under that sweater.  I haven’t dug any of it out yet but I think there is mostly a stack of patterns under that sweater that I had sorted through previously (or it might be full of yarn ……hmmmm).    Guess that box is up next for sorting to see what surprises I find.

I do believe I am nearly finished with the sewing room and sewing room closet rearranging and clearing out.  I wandered out to the dumpsters with a bag of garbage from the sewing room earlier today (first time I have actually done more than just stick  my head out the door since getting home last  Friday).  Cold, but not horrible and we had two days of melting snow so other than part of the sidewalk back by me (that I had to stop and salt down the ice since I have a package delivery coming and don’t want the delivery person to kill themself) the parking lot was dry.  Much better than last week’s cold and it was sunny.  Plus, I knew two DVDs I had ordered were in my mailbox so had to go retrieve them so I have something fun to watch tonight.

And I actually made a bit of progress in the bedroom closet (which is a disaster area).  But I think that closet will wait until tomorrow for me to get back to it.  Could be time for a knitting break… the back of my sweater is finished and I cast on one of the fronts last night and have about 4″ done.  I like how the texture stitch looks on the front.  Photos later.