Starting the New Year off right in my sewing room….

I have a quilting plan.  It’s still formulating …. but as I was cleaning the sewing room recently -taking stuff off of shelves so I could move them – refolding and restacking the stuff that was on them – moving stacks of quilt tops to be finished – shoving tubs containing swap blocks to the side…. but uppermost in my mind was  “I really need to finish some of these!”   There are things I’ve totally forgotten about, things I love, fabrics I love in the stash, patterns I’ve been wanting to try.

aNo matter how much cleaning out I do, there are still always some things left behind that I keep thinking I should finish but I know I never will — because I no longer love them or maybe never did or  someone gives me quilt tops or blocks started by some family member of theirs because  no one in their family sews or has an interest in them and they think  since I do quilt, I of course will want them (which is not necessarily so, but I add them to my piles anyway).    So there  will be items leaving my sewing room (and please don’t leave comments with all the places you think I should  donate them – I do donate what is appropriate to my local Good Will where they are much appreciated.)

There are things I’ve totally forgotten I made or swapped — I was thinking just the other day it’s been a long time since we did one of our swaps through The Quilting Post yahoo group and maybe I should come up with a new one.  But then I think of the tubs of swap blocks from all those past swaps that still need to be set together into quilt tops and the cost of postage involved with swapping and I think I’ll just play with the swap blocks I’ve got.

There are items that got put aside (probably to start some new project) that need very little done to them in order to complete them.   There are quilt tops to be quilted and then there are more quilt tops to be quilted, and once those are done there are still more quilt tops to be quilted (do you get the idea I have a few quilt tops needing quilting??)  And did I mention swap blocks to be used – lots of them.  c

So in 2017 – I’m going to concentrate on “what I’ve got” — the fabric I’ve got, the projects I’ve got started, in all the various stages of progress  like the swap blocks to become projects and quit tops —  and  getting them to completion.


So my plan is to start the New Year off right – . To pull some of those projects and have my own little “sew-in” on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day  (yes, I’m a party animal on New Year’s Eve but won’t be wearing a party hat light this quilting party animal  – – – – >>

I haven’t decided yet what project I’ll start on but my plan is for the completion of WIP to far outweigh any newly started projects this year.  I’m not saying I won’t start new projects (says the woman who can see just beyond the computer screen a lovely quilt pattern and batik collection she received from a California quilting friend as a Christmas gift that she is itching to start on) but I seriously want to complete some lots of those already started.

qiotNow I also have an idea formulating for a new quilt along project or block of the month.  I love Christmas quilts (even tho there is not a finished one to go on my bed) and as I was listening to some Christmas music the other day I was thinking of a quilt with blocks based on Christmas Carols and other holiday songs – each block representing either a song title or specific lyrics in the song.   I’ve written down a few ideas  but need to mull this idea over a bit more before putting mouse to EQ drawing program to see what I might come up with.

Sew  — will you be partying with me on New Year’s Eve  working on some quilting project that will be your first quilty finish in 2017?