Christmas 2016


Merry Christmas!   Compared to the past two weeks – it’s a very warm Christmas.  The temps started warming up overnight and everything was dripping and melting when I opened the door – and later it was raining.   Now I just need to remember to look first before setting foot outside to see if the sidewalks are dry or if rain is frozen on them.  Tho tomorrow is to be another warm day.

I spent most of the day puttering – on the computer doing a few things – knitting a bit – planning knitting – and of course today is Miss Babs yearly Gratitude sale where everything is on sale so I did buy yarn for two cowls I want to make and a Gleener since several of my sweaters – handknit and store bought – need some pill/fuzzy remediation.  So not much damage done there.


Finally I found buttons on Etsy to use on my DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park .  There’s more photos on my Ravelry Project Page and link to the pattern.  I sewed the buttons back to back on both sides of the cowl so it can be worn with either side showing since both sides pooled differently as shown below.

And I’ve just cast on for my version of the DaVinci Cowl III Spanish Steps .  It will be in these two yarns.


The multicolor is a The Loopy Ewe Monthly Colorway exclusive – This Old Barn.

I also stuck a blueberry streusel topped pie in the oven this afternoon so I have a holiday treat to eat.    I had a mix of fresh and frozen blueberries to use up since I’m clearing some stuff out of the freezer (before tomorrow’s grocery delivery) and had the pie pan filled a bit too high so put some in a separate, crustless container to try to avoid blueberry bubbling all over my oven.  I was fairly lucky – there only two drips that bubbled over and they landed on the potatoes backing at the same time in the rack below.  Blueberry glazed backed potatoes?  I don’t think that will be a new taste sensation that will catch on.




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    • LOL – perhaps a new taste sensation! Unfortunately the new cowl didn’t work – too much gray and not enough of the other colors in it so it would have been really boring. I’ll have to use that yarn for something else.

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