Happy Christmas Eve

Christmas holidays already.  Seems like it was summer no so long ago.  Tho the several inches of new very wet snow that arrived yesterday afternoon and evening convince me that I’m wrong.  It was a slippery ride home on the bus but since so many people took off yesterday or left early, there were not as many people on the roads as I was headed home from work so the bus moved along at a pretty stead pace – despite the three fender benders that had traffic backed up.


I’m officially on vacation now – so exactly why did I wake up at 4:30 a.m.??? After half an hour I decided to get up.  Might as well get something done.  I’m on vacation until after the New Year but didn’t plan ahead very well – got my grocery order placed so Monday it can be delivered (not that there isn’t plenty of things here but by that time I’ll be running out out of coffee and diet coke — can’t be having that!

My plans for vacation – hanging out, doing a lot of machine quilting (I’ve got a large wedding quilt which will take quite a bit of time to quilt) and another wedding quilt to start.  Closets to clean out and some other deep cleaning around here.  Maybe even some shopping for a new loveseat or small couch.

I started this sweater earlier this week – my CF Version of Fern Ridge.


I love the texture stitch – I can’t get it to show up real well in photos but the above photo shows it fairly well.  It’s a pie crust basket weave stitch above the ribbing.  This photo also really shows the yarn color well of this heathered yarn.  No a solid lilac but a bit of blueish and darker purple shades make it up.


I started this sweater on Monday and as of last night I got this far – just 10 rows or less from starting the armholes.

More coffee is needed and then on to a bit of straightening up of the living room and kitchen (okay – a lot of straightening up because they are a mess).  I never did get the Christmas tree set up – too crowded in my living room this year. But did pull the manger out of the box to put up on the bookshelf before dragging the tree tub back out of the middle of the living room.