Decision Made

Another swatch

berrocovintage  of this Berroco Vintage – color Lilac and I decided to use this for my next sweater.


The texture pattern at the top is not the exact one that will appear in my sweater but I wanted to see how well a similar stitch would shop up.

I decided on making a CustomFit version of  Fern Ridge.  I love the basket weave design in it.  Altho it’s one of Amy Herzog’s patterns, it was designed for a sweater club so is not built into the CustomFit program but it’s pretty easy once your familiar with CustomFit to get a non-CF pattern and do a “mash up” (highly technical CF term for  using a non CF pattern and inputing specfics into CF to create a CF pattern in your specific size).  So I did buy the Fern Ridge pattern and then plugged the sweater basics (crew neck, long sleeve, mid-hip, type of edgings and width, along with my gauge info and saved measurement set) and it creates a pattern to my measurements.  The only think I have to do in a mash-up rather than a true built-in CustomFit pattern, is figure out how the basket weave pattern at the bottom fits into the stitch count I end up with for my size.  The repeat of the basket stitch fit very nicely into my stitch count.

I cast on last night  – the back – for some reason I always do the back first.  I guess to get that large expanse of stockinette done and then the other pieces seem to go quicker.  But I cast on last night and have about 5″ knit (worsted weight so knits up pretty quickly).  Bad lighting at night so I don’t have a photo to show yet but the basket weave stitch looks so pretty – I can’t wait to get to the front pieces where there’s more of it.

And all this CF talk – well (1) because I love it and think lots of people should try CustomFit to get great fitting sweaters and (2) because if you’ve read by prior blog post you know that there’s going to be a give-away. 🙂

My favorite things about CF :

  • you don’t have to match anyone else’s knitting gauge. YIPPEE!!!   You knit your swatch with whatever yarn and needles give you a good fabric that you like,  you input your information from your swatch for the yarn you are using, and your pattern is based on your gauge no matter what type yarn or size needles you used.  It also tells you how much yardage you will need before you pay for the pattern.  If I’m working from stash and only have a certain amount of yarn and a long sleeved sweater takes too much, I can change the sleeve length – maybe 3/4’s or maybe elbow length or maybe short sleeves — and see if that’s altered the yardage enough that I can use stash.
  • I don’t have to do the math to take a regular sweater pattern and figure out how to alter it to my size since so many patterns I like aren’t in my size.  The pattern is based on my measurements.
  • No more sweaters that are too short waisted or sleeves not long enough.

That’s just the short list.

So I’ll repost the links I posted previously – check out CustomFit and if you think you’d be interested in trying a CF sweater of your own, be sure to check back since sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Day  I’ll be giving away a free credit code so one lucky person can get a CF pattern for free and knit their own CF sweater.

There are  several videos Amy has added on YouTube re Customfit.  There is also a Ravelry group where you can see all kinds of beautiful finished CF sweaters in the Finished Objects thread (you may need to be a member of Ravelry to see them – I’m not sure)  but the discussion threads have a wealth of information and CF veteran knitters ready to help answer questions.

You can read more about CustomFit at

Now to get back to my knitting…..