It’s nearly done

I spent a large part of yesterday (between many coffee breaks and a knitting break or two) finishing the rearranging/clearing up of the sewing room.  This meant other rooms got messier in the process of course.   A wooden arm chair from the living room moved to the sewing room so I might just have a spot to put the Christmas Tree up in the living room now (still debating if that will get done).  With the new recliner being added to the living room and I haven’t gotten rid of the couch and chair yet – there’s not a lot of extra space.

I also pulled a wooden shelving unit out of the sewing room closet, and a half unit that was in the living room holding DVDS and videos and put them out in the room in the sewing room.


chair, tv and shelves – and a partial empty shelf so far.  These hold a shelf of tops to be quilted, batik fabrics, fabrics from TLE, and some various projects in the works that I want to get finished sooner rather than later.  The table to the far right (with a sewing machine on top – is my old living room tv stand which is probably going to go when I get rid of the old living room furniture – but for now the shelves below hold finished wallhangings and smaller quilts.

20161218_2On the opposite wall – this corner needs a little bit of work yet but mostly just tidying.  And look another partial empty shelf (am I running out of fabric? – Defintiely NOT!) 🙂

The box of stuff on the floor is all junk to toss – old threads, printout of patterns I’m done with, and other trash and a bag of yarn that needs to be put away.



As for the rest of the room – a few things to put away on the table, a quilt vacuum thru and I’ll have room to work.  I just need to sort through a few things on the closet shelf and the closet will be all reorganized too.

More coffee – and back to work.  Have to keep moving to stay warm today.  Made the mistake of opening the door to see what it was like outside.  The snow has stopped, the snow shovelers have not been thru yet this a.m., but it’s dang cold out.



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  1. Hoping that you will “toss” your old thread etc box to someone or some group locally and keep it out of the landfill…..there are a lot of needy groups that could use it!

    • Every time I say I’m going to toss something – I always get comments suggesting what I should do with those contents. I really am smart enough to donate stuff that is fit to donate – but I won’t donate something that is of such poor quality. As I’ve posted previously about this box of thread I am tossing – it is not fit to donate anywhere. Much of it is probably 40+ years old – I was given it by a friend whose sewing relative passed way. The majority is very cheap thread to start with – 3 for $1.00 spools that is fuzzy thread that would really mess up most of today’s machines and breaks with the very slightest tug and covered with a profuse layer of dust. I tried hand sewing with it and it broke as I was sewing so I cannot in good conscience donate this to anyone.

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