December 17 – a snowy day

I still can’t believe it’s already mid-December.  But it certainly looks like it outside my door this morning.  It started snowing yesterday afternoon, my bus home was 20-25 minutes late to arrive (all things considered not too bad) and I had my knitting to keep be busy on the slow bus ride home.  I’m not sure how much snow we’ve gotten so far – we are supposed to get more – but it doesn’t look like much (4″ maybe) outside my door – if that.  But sometimes what lands outside my door is not a real reflection of what there is on the more exposed side of the building.

On to the knitting report –


First – I finished a test knit for Laura Aylor – this is her Castle Stone Cowl pattern which should be released soon.  In bulky yarn it knits up quickly and there are some gorgeous variegated yarn in the test thread in Laura’s group on Ravelry.   This was taken very early this morning – the sun isn’t really shining but the new snowfall was reflecting very brightly and my camera lends was fogging up.  My project page  has a picture of the yarn hanks laying on a quilt and that is more the true color – it’s a much deeper red/burgundy.

Last nights bus ride I made good progress on this KISS Davinci Cowl.  I decided to make this version with fewer stitches so it fits a bit more closely around my neck and I changed the end stitches to a 2 x 3 rib.


I’m a couple inches farther along than this photo taken last night.  I feel asleep watching a movie and then woke up wide away and ended up knitting most of the wee morning hours.


Also made a bit of project on the blue KISS Davinci Cowl this week.

Today – there is much cleaning to be done around here since I never got back to finishing the clean up of the sewing room closet and putting the rest of that room in order.  And I’m still trying to decide if I put the Christmas Tree up this year or skip it.  All depends on how much I get done.  Since I never really went to bed I did get a couple loads of laundry done and the dishwasher ran so I can unload that so a good start.



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  1. Your cowls are very pretty … love the yarns you’re using! Isn’t it fun to look on the bright side of things? Instead of being aggravated about the late/long bus ride, you decided to be happy about bonus knitting time! Yay!

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